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BDS 328: Raw-Dawg, J-Trill and K-Eazy

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Josh Shaw suspended for gambling, Ron Rivera fired, Cam getting foot surgery, Tim Ryan suspended for racism, Garrett suspension upheld, Mayweather returning, Kaepernick gets his own shoe, Steph getting a TV show, Tamba Hali charity, Patrick Beverly’s rough past, Joe Burrows old tweets, Mason Rudolph fined, D-Lo is Wade’s brand ambassador, Vlade hating on Doncic, Marcus Smart upset by fan, Cousins has charges dropped, Ryan Russell honored at Gay Times Honours 500, Kamiyah Street arrested for murder, Brandon Brooks dealing with anxiety, Panthers bond out 25 people from jail, Akim Aliu accuses coach of racism, Black QBs, Nick Young fights in rec league, Kyrie speaks on mental health, Jimmy Butler blames ex teammates again, Sherman pays off school lunch debt, Terrelle Pryor stabbed, Antonio Brown song, D Wade family launching LBGTQ+ shirts, Georgetown scandal, Steve Kerr woke and Zion not returning on time.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen, and Jangry White People,

    I hope all is well.

    Mike Vick still brings it outta white people like that? Good goddamn. Few things tell you something racist is happening quite like a swarm of angry white people swearing they ain’t racist.

    Speaking of white people being loud and wrong, why can’t Baker shut the fuck up and throw the football? He out here talking about Odell’s injury and shitting on the training staff.

    I feel so bad for Odell. He got a QB worse than Eli, in a place as wack as Cleveland (on god, Bomani Jones has never been wrong in describing Cleveland), with a QB that won’t even throw his way. How many fantasy owners have seen their season fucked up cuz Baker won’t look Odell’s way. Karen and Justin, could y’all imagine the weekly annoyance of seeing this nigga run wind sprints for nothing? You hate to see it. Couldn’t be me, I tell ya.

    New England out here like Kirk Frost: of course that nigga cheating, what would ever make you think this nigga would act right, for even once? And Brady out here looking more sorry each week? And they losing to Black quarterbacks exclusively? You know them Boston folks hate that shit.

    Have a great evening y’all! Niggas only, only niggas! Peace!

  2. fyahworks

    Good evening rod, Karen, and javid triz-dale

    1)So another light skin gawd, made off with a heist in nyc! Fizdale said “fuck this shit I’m out” after 2 30+ point blowouts, back to back! He will be like the 5th coach in a span of about maybe 14 years to get fired and not finish out a contract, with the kinicks. Dolan must have money to waste! Do you guys think he will get another job coaching? Or will he end up on nba tv with isiah Thomas and them? thats usually the first spot a coach would will when he get fired!!

    2) word on them Atlanta streets is trae young is growing frustrated with having to carry that terrible team on his back, ball out and still lose! This light skin gawd, need help! I would think Kevin love would be good fit there with him being that Cleveland most likely would be looking to move him by trade deadline!

    3) So New England back at it again! They done pull out them iPhone 11 pros and got to filming the bengals! Yes the 1-12 , last place, probably 1st pick of 2020 nfl draft bengals! I guess if they not deflating balls, they spying on niggaz!

    4) lastly, Speaking of the pats, Odell out here telling teams “I hate it here” & come get me! The pats are rumored to be a team he told that too, as well as the niners, I don’t see a move this late in the season but do you guys think he will get moved in the off season and if so where?

    Enjoy y’all weekend

    Niggaz only/ only niggaz


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and JP3

    This snitch ass Chris Balls. Really gonna tattletale on somebody’s jersey being untucked to try to get free throws? Folks rightfully hate James Harden’s accountant ball, but never forget who’s the worst of the worst.

    That shit is almost as petty as Lamar Jackson coming out this week in the white arm sleeve and gloves after that racist radio announcer talking about you couldn’t see the ball on his dark skin. The only thing that can stop the QuarterBlack revolution is if he hurts himself more playing on that quad injury. You think RG3 finally turned the tables and is the McNabb calling him and telling him to rest up or is he whispering in his ear like Littlefinger?

    Alright y’all have a good week, appreciate the dope show as always. Justin even out here renewing his contract and giving the brokies something on the main show. Everybody in the holiday spirit.

  4. chubbzero

    What up maybe Karen, Roderick and…. jill jellicheck. Guess who got caught cheating again. The same ones who always get caught. Them fuck ass Patriots. Coach belichick said he didn’t know they were recording the Bengals play calling. He said it was for a documentary the pats are doing call do your job or something like that. But can you really believe that coming from a coach that knows and is involved in everything about his team? Heard on a few talk shows that bill should get suspended a few games. What’s y’all thoughts and itwan, how do you think this would turn out?

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