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TNO 180: Tatooine Man

Rod, Karen and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Take-Two buying Zynga, CW potential sale, Morbius delayed again, 14K Chinese gaming companies out of business, 5G may interfere with planes, goldfish trained to drive, Scott Pilgrim anime series, Wordle rip offs, Phil Spencer on Activision, Xbox Ones no longer being made, Sony making more PS4s, Real Steel TV series on Disney Plus, Logan Paul Pokemon cards were fake, Toonami new anime, Troy Baker NFTs, Riot games resignation bonuses, The Batman is PG-13, Steam Deck will release on time, Activision not meeting with striking employees, Sega NFTs, S. Korea has most popular Netflix content, Hawkeye in the top 3 for streaming, Netflix raising prices, The Santa Clause Disney Plus show, Dog the Bounty Hunter video game and Letitia Wright coming back to finish Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.


  1. rodimusprime

    Long time listener but it’s been a while since I have written in. I wanted to endorse the message on Way of the Househusband. That shit is flame emoji (said in Karen voice). Is it me or did the enemy dude look like Johnny from Karate kid? And that theme song goes hard!
    Anywhoo, I want to thank you Karen for representing us begrudging nerds who have nerd imposter syndrome. I have been watching your journey from Padawan to Jedi nerd and it has me shedding thug tears. Now you show up EVERY Nerd Off to drop some knowledge proudly.
    Congrats on your continued success.

    Jynene Or @chocolycookie on the twitters
    PS pray for me y’all, I live in Texas and niggas acting like Covid ain’t never been here.

  2. Marissajenae619

    Ok so I definitely watch Another Life and really enjoyed season two, but baby the beginning of season one was struggle city. I hung in there bc I also stan Katee (always my Starbuck) but they definitely got it together for season two and I loved both the AI story lines as well as the exploration of the alien interactions (as well as our trans love story). Am I wrong for lowkey loving that those settlers got fucked up? Sorry baby but you better keep that big colonizer energy on Earth bitch…you outta ya league. White supremacy don’t hit the same way when you fucking with the whole galaxy, huh? They truly fucked around and found out.

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