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BDS 439: Dick Riders

Rod, Justin and Karen are joined by Dominic Rivera of The Mind Of Dom podcast to discuss Darius Cooks, Kevin Samuels, listener feedback, NBA playoffs, Baker Mayfield, Ben Simmons has back surgery, Stephen A Smith news, DeAndre Hopkins suspended 6 games for PED violation, Kaepernick, Trevor Bauer suspended, Brittney Griner update, Phil Mickelson gambling loses, Lakers won’t trade Lebron, Ryan Clark refused to work with Sage Steele, Westbrook not speaking to Perkins, NIL Lamborghini deal, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke abusive behavior, Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown disses Kap, Jalen Rose opens up about divorce, Magic Johnson joining bid for Broncos, Brian Kendrick apologizes for Holocaust comments, Browns sent cease and desist to Hue Jackson, Earl Thomas arrest warrant, OBJ breaks the internet with his fiance and publicist and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!


  1. fyahworks

    Hey rod, Karen, jatrick Beverly

    Rod would you consider Justin a “cone” on this podcast? Aww man pat bev has been trending all week as he made his rounds on espn variety of shows! I for one enjoyed his banter on said shows! He might really have a career post nba career! But them suns really did set in that game 7! What a disappointment!! It all started since his birthday, which was game 5! He had 5 points and fouled out in a lost! Then we had game 6, a tad better game, but the game his family was “allegedly attacked” on Mother’s Day! And then we have that putrid game 7 where Phoenix had 27 at halftime to Luka magic 27 at halftime! It was a absolute shit show , where we also seen a fight between Ayton and coach Monty! In my opinion, to borrow your word rod, Ayton is sorry! But he looking for a max contract! I don’t see it!

    So Mike brown , who is an assistant coach behind Steve Kerr for the Dubs, has accepted the kings job! But immediately after he did and was coaching in place of a COVID Kerr, Memphis was blowing out th warriors by 50+! The kings owners might want to rethink that hiring!

    You guys have a great weekend
    Fyahworks out

  2. ProfKori

    Your Stephen A. Smith impression? PERFECTION!

    • ProfKori

      Oh, wait!!! Justin got a bomb ass Stephen A. Smith impression, too!!!

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