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LSG 32: Soul Food Scholar

Karen is back with a brand new bop for the masses. There are several meals of the week to speak on, all sorts of spicy news and a brand new interview with Adrian E. Miller the Soul Food Scholar. We also may have snuck in a wine tasting. Write us and let us know what you think about the new format or any topics you’d like to hear Karen talk about. Enjoy!

Adrian’s Website

Rooster’s Website

RuRu’s Tacos and Tequila

Babalu’s Tapas and Tacos

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LSG 31: Bacon Camp

Karen is back with a new improved recipe for Lip Smacking Good. Now with 100% more Rod and introducing “segments.” We talk about the Meal Of The Weak, Spicy Food News and an interview with Jenn of the All Out Of Forks Blog. Write us and let us know what you think about the new format or any topics you’d like to hear Karen talk about. Enjoy!

Jenn’s Blog – All Out Of Forks

Kindred’s Website

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LSG 30: Cooking To A T


Karen is joined by T’ara for a marathon session on transitioning into working for yourself, making lifestyle changes, eating abroad, hidden ingredients in food, sushi and just everything. No way you can listen to this episode without feeling hungry. You might want to eat before you listen to this one.

T’ara’s Website

T’ara’s Twitter

LSG 29: Chef and Activist


Karen talks with Chef Gregorio Pedroza about being a chef and activism. That’s right it was all in the title but you should still listen because it’s a fun, informative and touching conversation.

Gregorio’s Website


LSG 28: 2 Greedy Girls


Karen talked with Nicky Sunshine And Danielle Carington of Let’s Get Greedy about the perception of their eating habits, double standards with weight and what food they won’t be eating on Let’s Get Greedy. Hint: It’s Chitlin’s. This show was so much fun and had so much energy. I think you’ll love it.

Danielle’s Twitter

Nicky’s Twitter

Let’s Get Greedy Youtube Channel

Processed with Rookie

Processed with Rookie

LSG 27: Sweetbread Is Not Bread


Karen is joined by Ceej of the “Good and Terrible Podcast” food on the west coast, gender roles cooking in the home, sweetbread and much more. This was a delightful conversation that was very warm and friendly.

CJ’s Twitter

Good and Terrible Podcast

LSG 26: Stay Away From The Well


Karen talks with June In Harlem about pizza, running a restaurant and cheap drinking.

June’s Twitter Account


LSG 25: Don’t Go Around The Corner


Karen talked with comedian Cerrome Russell about being raised on a farm, sweet tea, grits and comedy.

Cerrome’s Twitter

Cerrome’s Podcast


LSG 24: Food and Drugs


Karen talks with Jess Wood about gangs, her maybe daddy and writing a book.

Jess Wood’s Podcast

Jess Wood’s Twitter


LSG 23: Don’t Play With Ya Food


Karen is joined by Goody Howard to discuss sex with food, squirting orgasms and what a unicorn is.

Goody’s Twitter

Goody’s Website (NSFW)

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