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TNO 6: Man Of Steel


Rod is joined by Karen, Kriss and Kev to discuss Nintendo’s future, Arnold joins Expendables 3, Jack Black, TMNT, Zelda, Feminist blogger attacked on Twitter, an email from Daz, Man of Steel and more news from E3 with Xbox One vs Playstation 4.

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  1. O4Soldier

    Im not naive at all.. In my above post, I was ready to abstain from buying a Ps4 and stick to PC if the ps4 would have always online Drm. I disagree with the idea of Microsoft moving tech forward.. I believe MS is going backwards.. Whatever happened to coming home from work and popping in a game cartridge and playing your video games you owned? Now it questionable if you even own your games and they must be checked once a day before you game offline.

    When it comes to greed I agree. I believe Microsoft nor Sony give two shits about me or you.. all that matters is money and good publicity.. which is why Sony has jumped on pay to play bandwagon for online play.. which I dont agree with, but how am I supposed to play online with my friends..

    Anyways thanx for replying Rod, it wouldn’t be called the nerd off if everyone shared the same opinions ..

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    • rodimusprime

      Playing your games as download only, using the computing power of the cloud and being able to share games digitally is all “moving tech forward” to me. How can you deny this? They are both out to make money. I’m probably gonna buy an Xbox when I’m ready to buy a console. Probably won’t be for a good while. And Xbox One still let’s you come home from work and pop in a game and play a game you own. You’re being disingenuous man. Let’s refrain from just making stuff up.

      And as always thank you for listening. I appreciate your passion on the issue.

  2. O4Soldier

    Great show as usual.. but I got beef with you guys.. whats up with the sony hate? Are you guys all sponsored by Microsoft? Lets get this out the way 1st, im a Sony fanboy. But I would never support MS anti consumer practices thats being implemented in The new Xbox. I was prepared to stay exclusively with Pc gaming if Sony followed MS with its drm policy. I dont understand why you guys try to tear down sony. I guess misery loves company? When it comes to 3rd party publishers being allowed to use drm if they choose to, this option allows ps4 users the choice of not suppoting anti consumer drm titles.. Vs being forced to accept it with the Xbox One. its a great thing for gamers.. on the Ps4..

    And ususlly when someone says ‘ im not fanboy but…’ typically means they’re gonna say some fanboy shit.. the same way a racist would do the same..
    Kris did this by saying MS would backpeddle and allow offline for disc based games.. The CEO of Microsoft said that if you dont have internet access, buy a 360.. i understand all companies need to make more money to thrive but stop apologizing for Microsoft’s greedy buisness practices..

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    • rodimusprime

      Who doesn’t expect a company to operate on greed? Who’s being naive here sir? MS greed is moving technology forward in a way that I’d love to support. Sony is just as greedy but now you’re defending them? Seems odd. Neither of these companies are our friends. I gave them a TON of props for their strategy at E3. Remember? I said Sony is running the smartest gaming campaign I’ve ever seen. How is that “hate”? Think on it sir.

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