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Tattoo Coming! (138/130)

We did it! Thanks guys! Looks like we made it to 138 currently. You guys stepped up and got it done! We believed in you and you turned around and showed that you believe in us! I appreciate you guys for putting in on this. You’ve freed us up to be hard at work on the podcast. Now let’s talk about that work. We did new episodes of “Balls Deep Sports”, “The Nerd Off” and “Medium Talk”.

They’re all up on the RSS feed too. Last week we finally unveiled the RSS feeds for all of those who’ve been requesting them. If you’re a premium subscriber just head on over to the TBGWT Premium Page and scroll to the bottom. We also did our first ever Premium only Live Spreecast for the latest episode of “Balls Deep Sports” and it went off without a hitch. We plan on doing another one this Saturday at 5pm EST for “The Nerd Off”. Make sure your email account is correct on your profile with the site or you may not receive the email.

Guest Spots:

Rod was on “We Watch Ratchet” with Phenomblak, Kriss and H2OKev to do a live commentary on the movie “Lock Out”.

And lastly shout out to the homey Clove from the Chonilla.com Podcast. He made my tattoo friendly version of the logo last week. Gonna have this on my forearm soon!


Isn’t it beautiful?



  1. Chonilla

    Oh wow! ♥ This is my first time seeing the art work – Honey you did it again ♥ Rod and Karen we love you, so proud and happy for you both and I cannot WAIT to see it on your arm homey 🙂

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  2. NatashaP

    That is going to be an awesome tattoo! Have you picked out a tattoo shop yet?

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