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BDS 189: Odell Drop’em Jr

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NFL playoffs, OBJ, Russel Wilson, Wes Wilcox racist remarks, Bobby Bowden’s racist remarks, Minny coach fired, Khloe loves Tristan, NY Pass Defense, Shannon Sharpe, Gabby Douglas’ momma, Kaepernick donating money, Brook Lopez, Russian hacking, Larsa Pippen at the beach, Corey Coleman, Joey Porter, Joe Mixon, Sonny Dykes,  NFL pain killer addiction, Mia Khalifa, Raiders were sick, Belichick was on a boat, Couglin, Derrick Rose skipped a game, George Karl regrets comments, Grayson Allen, AI wants in on Ice Cube’s league, Dak Prescott, Josh Brown divorced, Montee Ball victim’s pics released, Thomas Davis on OBJ, Orien Greene, KG consulting for Clips, Jordan Hankins and Oakley smacked Barkley.


  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and J. Antonio Brown

    Gotta get this in real quick….

    The Falcons are going to the Super Bowl!!!

    I am NOT the Hawks jinx! We won 9 of the last 10. I was not at that one game we lost.

  2. cocoqt81

    Wassup, Rod and J. Prescott. Get your light skinned brethren Justin. His lil ass really made it seem like the white side of his family was full of upstanding accomplished people, and the black side is filled with ain’t shit niggas. Bless his Lil dumb ass heart. I usually root for black quarterbacks, but he’s on the excluded list with Jameis. I was already not really rooting for him cuz he plays for Dallas. Those comments in that CBS article just gave me a other reason.
    And about OBJ… you make your career catching poorly thrown passes, then all of a sudden you miss a few of them and everyone turns on you. Ain’t that some shit?! Eli’s poor throws have provided some of the most memorable plays in NFL history due to the acrobatics his receivers have to perform to catch them, but he’s always got something to say. Shut up, boy.

    Anyway… onto the awards

    Baby Mama– that side chick who had the baby by the married baseball player, then told him all his other kids are ugly.

    Coon of the Year– Charles Barkley and Stephen A. They’ll forever be tied for this award as far as I’m concerned. I’m sick of those 2.

    He’s still in the league!–Mike Dunleavy. I honestly didn’t know he was still in the league til my Hawks traded Korver for him and he was determined not to come to Atlanta. He here tho. Lmao! Loser.

    ITWAN– Ryan lying ass Lochte. Can you imagine a black athlete doing all that bullshit and the media and everyone being like, “boys will be boys”? HELL NO! They’d have banned them niggas from Olympic competition for the next 8 years.

    WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU!– Cam…oh, Cam. Hopefully he learned his lesson this season and he’ll remember that the people with the 1/8th of an inch skin that’s the same color as his are the only ones who truly have his black ass, back. Even though he all lives mattered us, we still defended him against racists. He’s got until next year to remember, otherwise I’ll put his ass on the list too.

    Balls Deep Athlete of the Year–Lebron. He FINALLY tapped into a level of pettiness that I’ve been waiting to see for years. I’m so happy those GSW players, and their wives and daddies took it upon themselves to wake up that sleeping giant. That series was the first time I ever rooted for LeBron. The media had this love affair with GSW and they just turned me into a hater. Then, all them lil beige boys decided to taunt LeBron when they thought they had a comfortable lead, and he promptly stomped their asses! So good! As if that wasn’t enough, he celebrated all summer in the pettiest ways. For the first time, I was actually proud of LeBron. He used to let lesser players (which was pretty much everyone) talk shit about him, but that all changed last June. It was magnificent. I hope he never goes back to being the bigger person.

    Anyway, that’s all I have. Thanks Amani for the categories. I damn sure didn’t remember them all. Later!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Kelce

    It’s that time again niggas for the best and worst of Balls Deep for 2016.

    Baby Mama – Ciara. She’s out here prospering and being happy, meanwhile her exes are still so sprung Future and even fuck ass Bow Wow on the Falcons sidelines hating hating on Russ. He’s watched that man play more than he’s seen his own son. Pathetic.

    He’s Still In the League? – Vince Carter who just made it to 5th on the all-time 3pt list. I don’t have a single memory of him since he left the Raptors and that was in 2004.

    Coon of the Year – The Round Mound of Coon Town. I’m shocked Chuck hasn’t been invited to Trump tower yet.

    We Were All Rooting For You – Gotta be Cam. Nobody had a bigger fall in a year. But that 1/8th inch of skin pulled the wool over his eyes quick!

    ITWAN – The Inaugaral Johnny Award for ITWAN of the year is definitely Manziel. Dude has multiple DUIs, domestic violence cases and restraining orders dropped without arrest and he’s still showing up at the heisman ceremony like it’s all good. Reggie Bush is rolling over in his grave, but that’s just Johnny. Not even Lyin’ Lochte got as many passes as often.

    And Balls Deep Athlete of the year is my man Kap. Between my Knicks and Niners he’s really all I’ve really had to root for.

    P.S. Favorite show – The Drinking Game

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