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BDS 203: Larsa Pimpin’

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Carmelo and LaLa split, LaVar Ball, Money Mike Conley, Serena pregnant, David Fizdale, Barkley’s comments on Thomas, Paul George criticizing teammates, Aaron Hernandez, Tom Brady skips white house visit, Stephen A, Adrien Broner, Pacman Jones, Wade, Shaq pays for kid’s funeral, Larsa Pippen, Chris Bosh, Cam Newton’s auntie outfit, Bucs will be on Hard Knocks, Jeff Withey, Kouandjio asked police to shoot him, Pop misses Boris, Adidas emailing error, Jim Harbaugh, Gilbert Arenas and the Big 3 schedule announced.


  1. DeonBmore

    Morning Rod & J. Whitlock

    I got pumped when I saw ya’ll had a show going live this morning, ya’ll will be the soundtrack to me prepping for this cookout today. Anyway just wanted to chime in and ask if anyone else finds it fucked up how much joy people are having in the layoffs at ESPN? All of the talk is about how ESPN’s “liberal agenda” has comeback to bite them and not about how the rising broadcast fees and cord cutting is going to make ESPN change their business model. I’m just glad that most of the people that I like at ESPN weren’t affected, exceptions being Doug Glanville, Jayson Stark and Ethan Strauss.

    I also thought it was fucked up how happy everyone was about the report that Nike, Adidas and Under Armour don’t want to partner with Lavar on that Big Baller Brand. Definitely seems to be some racial undertones to that. Seems like people feel as if they should just be happy to get paid and take what they can get. I think Lavar is just a shit talking nigga that is looking out for his sons. I hope he is able to get the brand popping and potentially make this a new trend. I wouldn’t buy them shits, but hopefully it works out.

    Lastly I was wrong about the Hawks getting swept, but John Wall making the Hawks soul burn slow was good enough for me. It’s all love FalconsDiva, no real hate of Atlanta teams I just find most fans of Atlanta sports hilarious. People rep the Georgia Bulldogs hard 24/7 even when they have a disappointing season. Falcons some how make it to the Superbowl and everybody puts their Bulldog gar in the closet for a couple weeks and rush to get some brand new Falcons shit that they’ll never wear again.

    The Hawks being so average never hit me until I took my family to a game at Phillips Arena. I look up in the rafters and they had the numbers retired of Dominique, a couple other players and Ted Turner?! What the fuck, and they didn’t even have any Eastern Conference banners, just a couple of division titles.

    I love Atlanta, minus the traffic. Ya’ll teams are just sorry.

    Anyway, keep up the good work Rod & Justin

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen and J. Kerr

    Luke Walton tried to warn us. Y’all tried to tell us. Steve Kerr goes out and all of a sudden the Warriors kick it up a level. It’s almost like don’t get motivated the same way to go out and play for massa. Who could have possibly known? If they do win the title without him though does he still get that ring like he got all of Luke’s wins last year? Is this the best scam of all-time?

    And before we go, I’ve got an exciting opportunity to bring to y’all. How would TBGWT like to be the official sponsor of Big Baller Brand? We can make you the official shoe of the Harris YMCA and give Justin all the grandpa shoes he wants.

  3. FalconsDiva

    What’s up Queen Karen (hopefully) Rod and J. Trash – no there isn’t anyone that messed up this week with the last name trash, but Justin was straight up trash for those jokes about Isaiah’s sister. Anywho…

    ALL MY LIFE I’VE HAD TO FIGHT FOR MY TEAMS!!! And I do mean ALL my life. From growing up in Cleveland to my Atlanta teams now. The difference is, people talk trash about Cleveland teams but they feel sorry for them. With Atlanta people truly hate on our teams. Like that person (forgot the name) that wrote in about the Hawks. Sorry Boo, but we didn’t get swept – so at least 2 more games. Deal with it! What really trips me out is the people born and raised in Atlanta that hate the Hawks and/or Falcons. I’ve found that it’s usually because they were hurt as children. I dated this guy that hated the Falcons because they lost on his 11th birthday. The hatred and vitriol towards Atlanta teams from native Atlantans is comical to me.

    And Justin – I know you were joking but please remember the Hawks have the current record in the East for the most consecutive playoff appearances. Now we might not make out the first round… I have to be honest, I opted out of my playoff tickets this year. I decided to save those coins this year.

    On Serena’s pregnancy – initially I was a little disappointed. I saw all the congrats on social media and all I could think about (selfishly) was if I’d ever get to see her live. Then I talked to my sports BFF and she felt the same. Back in 2015, we bit the bullet and dropped grip to see Serena in the US Open Finals. We just knew she would make history! Let me set the stage… I had been traveling overseas for work the week prior – by myself. So I had not seen any Americans for almost a week, let alone any brown people. I flew from Belgium to NYC, excited to see my sports BFF, attend the US Open (bucket list item) and see Serena make history. I landed to discover, Serena won the first set in the semifinals. In the cab ride to the hotel, I watched the second match on my phone. Serena lost. I get to the hotel to watch the end of the third match. My friend is en route and we’re discussing the match on the phone. Man! When Serena lost I was DEVASTATED! When my friend got to the hotel, I opened the door and burst into tears. Mind you, most of that was from the long flight and a week overseas with no familiar human contact. Add to that we had these tickets to the US Open finals – to watch 2 players we really didn’t want to see. That next day, it was really solemn at Flushing Meadows for the finals but the best part was this Black family that had an entire row. The patriarch of the family sat through the entire match with a frown on his face and arms crossed. He was not there for the BS. At any rate, we were able to check the US Open off our list but with this pregnancy, we’re not sure if we’ll be able to check off Serena. I will get to see Venus in an exhibition game this summer, so I guess that will suffice.

    Back to basketball. I’m glad the Celtics got it together and it looks like they’ll pull this out. Despite Justin’s trash ass comments. Who knew Rondo was this much of a factor? Overall I think the first round has gotten better in the last week and my Hawks might just make it out the first round.

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