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TNO 83: Marvel Level Problems

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss podcasting while black, listener feedback, our entertainment, Captain Marvel movie, Black Lightning, Charlie Hunnam, Brett Ratner hates Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman’s armpit hair, Colin Farrell up for live action Dumbo, Black Panther Get Out joke, Black Adam movie, Fast and Furious spin-off movie, New Warriors TV show, X-Files coming back, negative mass fluid, Carmen San Diego coming back, Nintendo releaseing SNES classic, live action Aladdin rumors, Bill Gates, George Lucas, Cable casting in Deadpool 2, BK ad goes wrong, BioWare working on trans character dialog, refunds coming to digital games, Power Rangers cast wants a female Tommie, Game of Thrones, Escape From New York reboot, Elon Musk wants to make cyborgs, Black Samurai movie, 13th doctor could be a black woman, Doctor Strange director coming back, Jude Law cast in Fantastic Beasts 2, Switch is Nintendo’s fastest selling console, Darth Maul had more story than we saw, Marvel Heroes Omega, Oculus Rift creator out at FB, Ford designs smart crib, Sex Robot AI and a mom almost makes a horrible mistake.


  1. Amani

    What’s going on fellas?

    Shout out to y’all. Your panel was the only reason I paid the $40 to Awesomecon last year and they don’t want that money? Alright bet. Get on your Lavar Ball and run this shit your way! Went back to listen to the Guardians of the Galaxy review and fell into a hole listening to old episodes this week. You don’t realize how long it’s been since the grind never stops but look how far my niggas have come!

    And that Guardians though!! Without spoilers the nerd in me can’t believe the cosmic shit we’re getting. From Stan Lee’s friends to the set up at the end we’re really going there. I never thought we would get this on the big screen let alone done right. But as hype as that all was, the first time we see Wakanda on that screen? Niggaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. brandonisbmore

    Whats up Rod, Kriss and Aaron,

    I know Rod saw this film cuz I listened to the Spoiled Movie Review but did the rest of yall check out Sleight. Its basically a WWE Studios film by a black director thats about this kid using basic tech to kind of have powers and save his sister. This film felt like one of those independent comics with a black creative team and black lead that has a good premise but lacks the execution. However as of today its made over $1.5 million which is good for a film with at $250,000 budget. I thought it had some problematic issues in the film but for a film with that budget and and by WWE studios is okay.

    Also I have been seeing you guys deal with all this hydra Capt stuff and its crazy. I had a black dude come in my mentions tell me that he is mad that they did this to Steve because Steve represents what white ppl should aspire to be and that it brings hope that one day white ppl can treat ppl of color right…..GET THE FUCK OTTA HERE NIGGA!! I laughed in that nigga’s face. Just like how people are mad at Obama because the black president is getting paid people are mad that there is a black captain America and Steve is representing a lot of white America.

    Also I saw an article about Gotham on Fox and how it was one of there highest rated scripted shows on the network. Then I saw that it was at 83% on rotten tomatoes. Do you know anyone who is still watching the show? Is it possible that when most of us cut it off that it somehow got better because when I saw Jim Gordon execute someone I could not get past that.

    Anyway thanks for all you all do and I will see you guys at the live Podcast in June.


  3. Mwangangi

    I’ve realized that I’ve fallen behind on my non-movie Star Wars participation. And this is from someone that has read almost all of the EU (Legends) books.

  4. Mwangangi

    Who’s network to I have to tune into to hear Into to the Badlands stuff?

  5. Mwangangi

    I’m so happy y’all talking about the Matrix. You’re correct. After the Architect’s speech, this version of the Matrix, and all the drama that is intrinsic to it, became superfluous. So any further movies based in that Matrix were doomed to be seen as vestigial. I agree that the Animatrix is the best source for prequel material.

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