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PG 94: Cooning Across Cultures

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss atheism, cramps, Will Ferrell, Samuel L Jackson, cooning across cultures, Djimon Honsou, Karen’s work issues, basketball wives, LHHATL, eating cake made of things, reality show news and the ATL Orgy chick discusses sex vs violence.


  1. Anonymous

    FWIW, my favorite Will Ferrell movie is Anchor Man.

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen, and J. House of Representatives,

    I’m happy as hell to have yall back on a Friday afternoon, what are yall drinking on for this Cinco de Mayo? I plan to get into some whiskey after I get through ATL traffic.

    That was a great episode last week, I know it sucks to rehash but it was really interesting to hear how you guys have navigated your offices over the years. I’m with Karen, corporate offices are not made for us. I’ll also say I’m still pissed off at that coworker in her office. I wanted to say that yall (including Nina and Kriss) have been great role models to somebody that’s a little younger and working in these corporate spaces. As I get older and better at my job I notice more of the games people play with your career. I look at my parents and wonder if it’s wrong of me to complain since I’m only 31, but I don’t want to work in these corporate environments for another 30 years either. Fuck that shit. Karen I wish you luck on your job search and thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Justin, can you take a moment and tell Rod about Shamea? I didn’t think she’d be on the reunion but she came looking fine and throwing shade at Phaedra. My head is spinning because we still don’t know what the hell Phaedra did but whatever it is we know it was bad enough to get fired on her day off. For Potomac, I’m still team Giselle but Ashley needs to work on that restaurant business and stay out of folk’s marriages.

    Adios Muchachos!

    Adrian (AJ)

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