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BDS 342: •gôôdbyéCAMnéwtôn• ••

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, more athletes testing positive for Coronavirus, NFL free agency, Bill O’Brien, Rudy Gobert apologizes, XFL canceld season but will pay players, Pitino hired by Iona, NBA teams and players paying arena employees during hiatus, Simone Biles blasts USA gymnastics, NFL CBA agreement, US Soccer president resigns, vasectomy patients, Donovan Mitchell, NBA won’t drug test during break, Steph and Ayesha feed the kids, NFL cancels draft events, Deron Williams helps Dirk out of a jam, Roger Mayweather dies, potential NBA changes, Nick Foles restructures deal for Bears, NBA bans players from travel outside North America, MLS extending suspension until May 10th and Josh Gordon wants to play in 2020.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Jarolina Panthers,

    I hope all is well and y’all are alright.

    So the Panthers just released Cam Newton and now nobody wants to sign him. Hell, I saw someone write an article talking about how the Bills shouldn’t sign Cam cuz they were all good on QBs with *checks notes* Josh Allen and Matt fucking Barkley. Meanwhile, Cam out here working out to gospel music, which I take as the fitness equivalent of telling somebody you’re gonna beat their ass, on God. Cam’s gonna throw an incompletions and the resulting explosion is gonna kill like 3 defenders.

    Elsewhere in the NFL, as an expert in bad quarterbacking, what in the jambalaya fuck are the Saints doing with Taysom Hill? Am I crazy for hoping the Saints slapping a first round tender on Hill is them trying to bait some other team into trading for him? I got friends who are Saints fans and I don’t want them to have to go through watching Taysom Hill play 16 games at QB; they ain’t ready for that kind of asstastic football. Years of watching Drew Brees and switching to that?!

    For all the ways the Browns have fucked up, they’ve never had a legendary running back come talk to the team like a disappointed father the way Eric Dickerson talked to the Rams about that new wack ass logo. That new logo looks like a rejected WWE pay-per-view graphic font and it’s extra wack cuz I’ve long thought the Rams had one of the best logos and looks in the league. Y’all got any old school sports logos or color combos that y’all liked that a team abandoned? I mean, other than the Hornets becoming the Bob (Johnson) Cats.

    Jon Jones must’ve heard Pastor Ray Lewis say there’s nothing else to do without sports and said, “Bet”, cuz that nigga got arrested *again*. Is Jones a Can’t Get Right All Star or should the Can’t Get Right Hall of Fame be named after him at this point?

    Thanks as always for making such hot fiyah podcasts, especially during days and times like these. Stay safe and far away from other people, y’all.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. fyahworks

    Rod , quarantine K, and jos angeles jams

    My nigz, hope all is well

    1. Y’all seen that new rams logo? Niggaz is bored under quarantine! That shit is trash and now they stuck with it for 3 years!
    2. So the king is getting sued for 150k over a picture of HIM, that he post on his ig! Lebron is know to post pics of him in action after games, but now it’s an issue? Idk maybe because the guy wasn’t tagged. Or maybe he really trying for a come up!
    3. Thoughts and prayers to KATs mom who was diagnosed with the rona.
    4. Lastly the lil brother of the lakers have finally moved out! Steve ballmer bought the forum and the clippers will have their own home! Which is the lakers hand me downs lol!

    You guys be good and safe

    Niggaz only only niggaz


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