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BDS 344: Forgiven: Third Trimester Tristan Smashing That Ol’ Ting To Quarantine Smithereens With Jamaican Peen

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Eric Reid hiring lawyers over CBA, MJ documentary moved up, NBA 2k player tournament, Marbury working to get masks for US, Jimmy Butler sued and racist, Big 3 reality show during quarantine, NBA execs taking pay cut, Antonio Brown, Cuban suggest thermal guns, Davis Love III house burns down, Indianapolis 500 moved, James Dolan got That Rona, Lamar Jackson suing Amazon, Tristan has been forgiven, Shaq defends hanging with Joe Exotic, NCAA grants baseball players another year, MSU sexual assult case, Wimbledon canceled, boxing hall of fame postponed, Bily Joe Saunder suspended over woman beating joke, John Jones pleads guilty, MLB luxury tax staying the same, NORE speaks on interview with Lamar Odom, NFL plans to play full season, NCAA execs take pay cut, MLB has salary plan for minor leagues, China shuts down CBA, Lakers April Fools article, Jim Edmonds drama with his kids, Jay Williams says have NBA games on cruise ships, NBA discussing playoff formats, Aldon Smith signs with Cowboys, Ben Simmons sister on Twitter, soccer star caught watching Pornhub, Ed Orgeron divorce, Robert Kraft flying masks into US, Honey Badger rage quits Madden, Peyton Manning, Kendrick Perkins kids buy 16K worth of Fortnite skins, Luka retweets racist video and Floyd Mayweather.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Queen Karen and head coach Jabo Gundy,

    I hope all is well.

    You know what I think was dope and helpful? LSU head coach and Cajun cookie monster Ed Orgeron doing a press conference with the Louisiana governor telling everyone to stay their ass inside for social distancing. Given that most of the time college football coaches open their mouths some dumb shit flies out, I liked seeing Coach O use his platform as a national championship winning coach to tell everyone to stay they ass inside.

    You know what sounds stupid as shit? Dabo fucking Swinney saying that we’re gonna kick Dat Rona in the teeth cuz we’ve put men on the moon (something I didn’t think Dabo would believe in the first place) and that college football will start on time. Then Dabo said he still plans on flying his freshly sanitized private jet to Florida (I fucking hate humble brag flexes from a nigga that sounds like if Joel Olsteen ran a spread offense instead of church goers pockets).

    And then there’s fucking Mike Gundy, who saw Joe Exotic’s haircut, heard Dabo being stupid and told both of them to hold his beer. Gundy out here tight that the slaves- I mean *student athletes* ain’t out here making Oklahoma State money. He said they’re young and healthy enough to fight off the virus, which makes me think he saw Watchmen and assumes every nigga is secretly Dr. Manhattan. Oh and fuck him for calling it the “Chinese virus”. Maybe he should invest in figuring out what medical condition causes white men in Oklahoma to think those mullets are a good look.

    Shouts out to Tampa Bay for going back to a classic look with their uniforms. And not just cuz those previous jerseys were ugly as shit and looked like something Joe Exotic would rock neither, I think those look nice. Conversely, the Falcons look an arena league football team trying to avoid a copyright suit.

    Sorry for the length of this. I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend.

    Niggas only, only niggas,

    – Dough

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen, and J. Zoom

    Them niggas had a 3-1 lead over Skype, but turns out it’s just the new twitter. They even had to shut down a press conference for an NHL draft pick because racists kept bombing the chat. I hope the NFL is ready by the time they do their virtual draft or else they’ll have Justin popping on to tell Roger Goodell about himself.

    And did you see The Ringer is doing a Cam Newton podcast documentary? Between that and ESPN with the anniversary podcast of the Donald Sterling tapes, it’s fun seeing media folks come around to where y’all have been. Is there any topic you’d like to see a sports podcast doc about? Or even do one yourselves if you could?

    Hope y’all having a good one, stay safe out there.

  3. Monique

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J’Brickashaw Ferguson

    I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Stephon Marbury. I can never forgive MSG staff for not telling him his father passed during a game. I know I know Switch your fandom….you don’t have to love the Knicks……..I know. Anyway…I remember when he went through his phase of doing live streams….there was a cult like following to it….I was only there to watch him dance shirtless to ‘Diamond Girl.’ Okay lustiness aside, I love the megastar he became in China. And the business mogul. He was ahead of the curve with the Starbury’s. As lame as people used to think they were, they were an affordable basketball sneaker plus he had a great line of athleisure. When I was a broke grad student, the work out clothes came in clutch. Seeing that he has leverage to send millions of N95 masks to NYC From China is like seeing his story come full circle. I’m definitely gonna watch his Netflix documentary called A Kid From Coney Island.

    Be safe and sound

  4. fyahworks

    Hey rod, Karen, and Floyd jayweather

    1)So Floyd daughter out her stabbing bitches uh? I guess the Apple don’t fall to far from the tree! She allegedly stabbed her boyfriend (nba youngboy baby mom). Hasn’t Floyd dealt with enough for 2020? baby mom dying, uncle /trainer dying and now this? We won’t talk about Floyd being on drink champs and calling him self the “goat” but spelling it g-a-o-t! Whew it’s been a rough year for your boy!

    2. never been a fan of the show but I’m just passing on the info for anyone who maybe be interested, but hard knocks will be filming the rams and chargers this season (if there is a season)

    3. Congrats to Timmy, kg, Rudy T, and Kobe on their induction to the hall of fame!

    4. if we can’t finish this nba season, do you think the rookie of the year or any award be given out? I mean ja was my pick, but in some people’s eyes, Zion was picking up steam!

    5. What you guys think of the HORSE competition the nba players are about to do?

    Niggaz only only niggaz

    Stay safe


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