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2258: White Identity Extremists

Rod and Karen discuss more insurrection fall out, a girl steals money from her old boss, old man beaten up for rejecting sex, porch pirate busted for wearing same clothes in court and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Justin

    As someone who has family in VA who are licensed gun owners. The man who said “I didn’t know I couldn’t have a gun in DC” is lying off his ass. He just didn’t expect to get caught.

    Every gun owner that lives VA buy works in DC knows they can’t bring a gun.

  2. Anne

    Zello is an app that makes your phone work like a walkie talkie. It waa used a lot during the hurricane recovery a few years ago because it allowed volunteers to communicate without needing to make actual phone calls. I guees everything that can be used for good can be used for bad too.
    Also, have you ever heard of Sadie Alexander? She is a black economist from the 1920s. She was never allowed to practice as an economist but has been rediscovered recently.

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