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2259: Well, We’ll See How It Goes!

Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s hair growth, MLK Day, insurrection fall out, Coronavirus News, Biden plans to cancel Keystone pipeline, Biden plans to give 11 million immigrants a pathway to citizenship, Facebook bans weapon ads, NRA bankrupt, Letitia James sued NYPD, Flex disses Jay-Z for not being on social media and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I was thinking that so many of the insurrectionists started turning themselves in especially before Dump got out of office because they probably believed they would get pardons. They thought.

  2. Justin

    As a 35 plus year New Yoker before I left the city, yes I did roll my eyes when you said Staten Island when talking about the racist ass Trump supporter.

    Staten Island is the garbage dump of NYC and the only borough of the five boroughs that voted Trump.

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