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TNO 167: Apologize To Nick Spencer

Rod, Karen and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Target tracking shoppers and adjusting prices, Star Citizen developers expected to work during Texas state of emergency, Sony discontinuing Playstation Store movies and TV, MS confirms some Bethesda games will be exclusive ot Xbox, Powerpuff girls live action, Patty Jenkins had to stand up for Wonder Woman origin, Secret Invasion casting news, VR sex becoming affordable, Toys R Us returning, Gotham Knights delayed, Super Seducer 3 not picked up by Steam, Ray Fisher, Black Widow coming to Disney premiere, Xbox removes LIve Gold requirement for Free To Play games, Joe Morton, National Treasure TV show, John Wick 4, Scott Pilgrim returning to theaters, new Transformers movie in the works, new Game Pass games, the most expensive video game ever, Balan Wonderland update, Young Justice season 4, Ant-Man 3 and are inspired by WandaVision.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Nerds

    I missed the boat on Snowfall early on so I have been trying to catch up but am stuck on episode 6 season 1. I’m stuck, not because it’s a bad show, it’s great so far, but because, in parallel, I was watching Clone Wars. Now I had been slogging through the seasons since 2016 and could not really get any traction, then around the same time I hit episode 6 season 1 of Snowfall, I hit that arc on Clone Wars where Asoka leaves the Jedi Order and boy, after that I could not stop watching it. Everything else, other than shit I was catching week to week, fell by the wayside. Those last couple seasons are soooo good. I even started Rebels. All that to say, you were right. Clone Wars is worth it. Huge payoff.

    Another piece of advice from y’all that’s paid off big time is Game Pass. I’m somewhat of a dilletante when it comes to games and I never by shit new. The only game I ever paid for new release price for was The Last of Us back on the PS3. Now with Gamepass I’m dipping into and out 8f games like nobody’s business. Right now it’s Outriders (on World Tier 01 of course). My apologies for sounding like a cheesy 90s testimonial, but I had to give y’all props for the advice.


  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Nerds?! Just writing in to say, damn Disney won’t take it’s foot off our necks. They’re still holding the Mutants like the Big Joker. They’re running a Boston on the Distinguished Competition! They’re just not playing fair, at all.

    Peace Y’all!


  3. rodimusprime

    Dear Nerds:

    I’ve been checking out every Black review/recap/etc of Falcon and Winter Soldier I can find, but there’s one thing that bothers me, and no one’s brought it up as far as I’ve found (not REALLY a spoiler…):


    Dostry J

  4. trey_swindu744

    Hey all, just wanted to thank you guys for the comic book recommendations, specifically the Star Wars comics. I used some of those recommendations for the ComiXology “May the 4th be with you day” Star Wars sale . They had titles up to 95% off so you know I took at advantage , ha! Thanks again y’all!

    Also don’t know if it’s up you all’s alley and I know y’all already have a huge list of shows to watch for fun or for work but I would like to recommend “Shadow & Bone” on Netflix this show gives me what I wish “The Nevers” on HBO would give me but doesn’t lol .


  5. trojanscooter

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Nerds!

    A few episodes back Rod talked about Batman the Brave and the Bold. This show is great. It incorporates comics and characters from the the Golden Age and shows them love & respect especially Aquaman. Yes his stories were long but he had hands. The usage of characters like Plastic Man, Guy Gardner, Fire and Ice made me look into their history and other appearances. Using Batmite as a vehicle to end the series was smart. They hit the nail on the head with the criticism he gave.

    I tried to watch some of the Marvel animated shows on Disney+, Outside of Hulk and the Agents of SMASH I couldn’t get into them. Future Avengers showed promise but the animation style and Makoto’s antics were off putting. One question: Will there be a Hulk solo movie? He’s an established member of the Avengers since Phase 1 in 2008 and outside the big tent pole movies, Banner has been a cameo/ensemble character which is disappointing since he’s been around May 1962 . Is their a shortage of good source material? Lack of popularity? What is it?

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Crew,

    I’ve been reorganizing my library and finally decided to do something with those baskets of comics that have been sitting on the shelf. I had a casual interest in comics as a kid, but got back into them about five, or six years ago when I went premium. Reading comics with a cup of tea is now a part of my Sunday morning ritual, and leaves me refreshed for the week ahead. Thanks for all the recommendations and insights, the work is appreciated. Thought I’d also share my humble but growing slice of nerdom, see attached.

    Also just wanted to say, I love hearing from Chris and Aaron, but appreciate the opportunity to hear new voices with the rotating panel format. I appreciate all ya’ll.

    Warmest Regards from Chicago,


  7. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope all is well. I’m currently recovering from all the long hours I’ve been working since December. Taking a little breather while waiting to be paid for my last gig and catching up on a bunch of stuff.

    First of all, even with my workload I made time for falcon and winter soldier. Been enjoying the hell out of it and man that finale!! I’m just loving the amount of love Sam got in this show. I couldn’t help but cheer and cry during the finale. The best thing about it for me besides all the politics (which imma just take a second and just say, yo if the spellmans are this damn good fuck it I don’t care give me Confederate now haha), was the Sam Wilson theme. We got to know his little motif in winter soldier but haven’t really heard it since. The fact we got it expanded upon and given so many variations, man this is one of my favourite MCU scores. Loved hearing every second of it.

    Besides that I’ve been Catching up on invincible. Been enjoying that show a lot. Love seeing adult animation that isn’t full of boring sex jokes. I also enjoyed an anime called Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, the dub is available on funimation, now this is a hard recommend because the main character has to be one of the most off putting in terms of his Pervy tendencies of any anime character I’ve ever seen but outside him the show has a lot going for it. I really liked the side characters, there was a dark skinned female swords woman with her abs just out and impressive biceps, and later on a very handsome buff man with a dark past who shared those qualities but acts as a foil for the main character and doesn’t let him get away with some of his Pervy antics. The world building was fun and some of the mess in the background (and involving the main characters parents) felt as fun as a good season of love and hip hop should but with ye olde white people lol. The way it turns into an adventure story midway was unique and I ended up reading all 24 of the original books after I finished the season. Overall absolutely loved the thing, felt like a more adult fantasy thing than you usually get with an anime especially with the novels basically covering this man’s new life in the fantasy world all the way until him as an old man.

    Another anime I watched that I unreservedly recommend if you like a good racism allegory with your mecha anime is 86. It just started and they announced a dub will be coming soon too. The main story is basically like that one scene from The Malcolm X movie where the white girl tells Malcolm and his crew as they’re walking how much she supports them and asks what she can do to help and he says “nothing” and walks away. That’s the actual dynamic the main white girl has with the oppressed group of people she leads remotely from her safe walled city as they pilot mechs to their deaths miles away in slums outside the walls fighting evil ai drones. I never thought I’d hear the phrase “white pigs” used so frequently in an anime and everytime they say it I’ll just sit there nodding haha. There’s also moments when the main white girl basically gives hotep speeches to her fellow whites and drags them for being racist meanwhile she’s being dragged away by her friend. It’s interesting stuff. I also read ahead in the novels and man, I swear folks would be heated if a black person wrote some of the shit the author does in this but because they stuck some robots in there folks are distracted and don’t pay attention to the commentary. Probably the best political drama anime out right now and it’ll only get more militant. I’m excited for folks to see it.

    I watched all 3 seasons of Humans. The show that for you Americans was on AMC with Gemma Chan as the main robot lady. I mainly watched because I do enjoy watching a good racism allegory every now and again and I think I remember rod mentioning on a podcast somewhere. One thing that show gave me was a whole lot of hot British black acting dudes to stalk. Sadly most of them haven’t shown up in much since (thank you UK film and TV industry for constantly wasting black talent) but what they got to do on the show was a lot of fun and engaging work. I wasn’t even put off by the ending because the story of the character I cared about the most resolved itself well. I can’t praise the dudes that played Max and Anatole. Some very handsome and talented black men I hope get to flourish in the future.

    And lastly on the ray fisher stuff, man after I watched the Snyder cut, I get it. I completely back his play I loved the hell outta that cyborg stuff and all the abs in that movie. I don’t ever wanna see these versions of the characters ever again but I did enjoy what they gave us knowing it’s the last I’ll ever have to deal with this nonsense. Also does anyone remember there was supposed to be a cyborg movie last year, yh me neither lmao. Ok love y’all, Felix out.

    • Felix

      Also quick thoughts on yasuke now that it’s out. Ya boi didn’t have any connects so I didn’t get to work on this and boy did I try lmao. Highly enjoyed it. The trailers made it look kinda wack to me because the editing was bad but man I really love it. Now, I do have some mixed feelings on the robots and magic because… Why are they here again? But ignoring that, I really enjoyed the story. They kept it pretty simple and I like how the main dynamic between yasuke and the girl played out. It was cute. Also shout-out to lesean for hiring Asian people to play Asian people. I know the industry is wack as hell most of the time with casting but between this and cannon busters he’s going out of his way to cast appropriately and it’s appreciated. He even cast a black Japanese actor as yasuke in the Japanese dub. Lastly, the action was just magnificent. In episodes 2 and 4 especially. Ok, Felix out. Looking forward to the podcast.

  8. Amani

    The Nerd Off has BEEN on the front lines of giving Nick Spencer his flowers, and this series just took it to another level. Not going to spoil the finale but we also gotta give my man Carl Lumbly his Black superhero hall of fame plaque. From MANTIS, to Justice League, and Supergirl, now this? Man stay Blacting!

    And that Shang Chi trailer? Like Rod would say that shit looked sweet. That’s all I had see! With this and Warrior getting picked up for another season they’re filling the Into the Badlands hole in my heart. Don’t tell me why my Feige can’t do. Who ever thought we’d see the day watching that terrible Generation X movie or Night Man, that we’d be here? 

  9. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Guest,

    Lara Croft is in my top 5 Dead or Alive for Impossible White Men. However, have ya’ll played Resident Evil 3 or the remake? I think someone has finally usurped Lara and her name is Jill Valentine. This is just one instance but she ate a rocket to the face at close range and was able to get up. If that’s not IWM material, I don’t know what is.

    Keep up the great work,


  10. rodimusprime

    Hello fellow nerds.

    After a year in quarantine and now that my husband and I are fully vaccinated I wanted to flex on our binging but I didn’t know where else to do it so if you’ll indulge me…

    Since covid hit my husband and I have watched:

    All of the modern Doctor Who

    The MCU in chronological order minus the tv shows

    The entire Star Wars franchise to include tv and animated in chronological order

    All Star Trek in chronological order to include TV, movies, internet shorts, and even the animated that are cannon

    All 15 seasons of Supernatural

    All the Snyder-verse leading up to the Snyder cut of JL

    And with another friend I’ve watched all the Friday the 13th movies, all the Texas Chainsaw movies, and all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

    It’s been a long year but we did our part and stayed inside. I’d love to hear any long haul binges y’all have done.

    Anyways thanks for letting my nerd flex I hope you are all well, live long and prosper

    Bird lives


  11. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and guest(s),

    I don’t know if y’all were planning on taking about it (honestly, probably tired of talking about it) but I just wanted to speak on what I hope will be the final time we hear from Fisher.

    This whole situation feels overblown. Like, yes Joss is an asshole that abused his power. But I thought that was a known thing, an open secret in hollywood? (I’d heard of the Charisma Carpenter thing over a decade ago). But this claims of racism feel like what Rod talks about on the main show when he says “overstating harm”.

    We’re at the point now that people are actual arguing that having Cyborg say his catchphrase is racist because “black people don’t talk like that” (it might be dated now, but I DEFINITELY remember BOOYAH being a thing we said in the 90s). Like, for real? Even if we don’t talk like that, let me point you to the ways we don’t talk like Cyborg did in ZSJL….

    Or the way everyone is talking about Joss cutting POC out of JL that makes it sounds like he walked in and said “get rid of all the brown people.” Nah, bruh. Joss had to cut a 4 hour movie in half so he cut out the nonessential characters and scenes (including some Non-POC characters!). It’s just unfortunate that Snyder put all the POC- except Cyborg – in nonessential roles. (Seriously, Martian Manhunter was so secondary that the actor himself didn’t even know that’s who he was supposed to be)

    Let’s not even get into the “we don’t want an angry black man at the center of the movie could have been about avoiding the stereotype and lightening up the movie and NOT about removing Cyborg from the center of the movie. But we don’t know the context because Fisher is telling us something he was told by someone else who heard about it.

    I’m not even saying there’s no racism at play. Clearly systemic racism is how you end up with most of the POC in a movie only getting secondary, non-essential roles. And I’m definitely not caping for a white man or declaring them as definitely not racist. But Fisher is really trying to drive the narrative that Joss, Geoff, etc al based their decisions PRIMARILY on race.

    The nail in the coffin for me was when Fisher accused Johns and Berg of trying to “remove the agency of a black man” by suggesting that Zack Snyder was using him as a mouthpiece. It was like, “OK this nigga speaking in Twitter threads now” when everybody could see that even if he Snyder wasn’t pushing you out there, he was using your grievances to get his passion project made.

    We’ve come all the way around of using the language of social justice to prop up the passion project of a white man and it doesn’t sit right with me AT ALL. But you can’t say this online because it’s almost impossible to pushback on a black man claiming racism without being told you’re an apologist or coon. And it sucks that it was so successful at winning so many people over that they somehow forgot that the racist/bigoted ComicsGate crowd were the initial impetus behind #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and Zack was willing to let them cook too as long as his movie got made

    Anyway. This was too long. Not even going to get into Gadot saying Joss’s WW was too aggressive while Snyder had her use her God killing power on a mortal and chopping of Steppenwolfe’s head after Supes already defeated him.

    Always enjoy the show guys, I appreciate having somewhere that talks about stuff they LOVE more than the things they hate.

    Imperious Onyx

  12. PamelaM8

    I’m watching Samurai Gourmet on Karen’s recommendation and what a great show! Look at the sheer joy and delight on that sweet old man’s face every time he sits down to a scrumptious meal! That could have been us but we still have to get through this global pandowdy. Looking forward to the time we can sit safely in restaurants; our state will be lifting their mask mandate next week so that’s gonna be a hell no for me for the foreseeable future.

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