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2301: Posted, Roasted and Ghosted

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. TanyaW42

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Not sure if you remember, but when I sent you the La Boite smoked salt last year, I included a postcard from Dr. Sian Proctor depicting one of her awesome Afronaut art pieces. Well she was just selected to be on the crew of Inspiration4, so she’s going to be on the first all-civilian mission to SPACE on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft this fall!!

    She’s such an incredible and inspirational person, advocating for what she calls J.E.D.I. space — “a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive space as we advance human spaceflight”. Just wanted to let you know that later this year, you’ll have something touched by one of the less than 600 humans who have travelled to space!

    All the best to you two!!

  2. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I thought yall were 100 percent on point about cancel culture. I do think people will always find a way to say they dont like somebody and I think its hard to figure out how to do the work so u can get “uncancelled” right? Say somebody does the work in public, start funds, talk about issues they normally dont talk about, folks will claim they are being fake and disengenous. Folks do the work in private, meet with friends and donate and organize. Folks will be mad at them for doing it in private and say that they arent really doing it because they havent seen them do it. and when they do tell them what they are doing they are still being fake. Idk what the answer is but this whole things mad toxic.

    Also something to add about the Chrissy Teigen situation that I don’t know if yall have talked about at all, but she has been a part of a constant coordinated harassment effort by Qanon folks because they believe that her and John Legend are part of some Hollywood child molesting cult. And they really went into her with suspicion and belief that the miscarriage she had was some part of weird cult shit. So I can imagine that constant harassment by Q folks is non stop and I wouldn’t be surprised how badly it effected her mental health. Add on that constant harassment with folks who are mad at her because shes rich and thus believe that she is somehow immune to mental health problems and that bullying her is okay, and I just think it was honestly the best choice for her.

    Much love!

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