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2387: Covid Cheering Section

Rod and Karen discuss managing anger, Coronavirus News, Hustler vaccine ad, AK assistant AG racism, Black woman finally tries on wedding dress at 94, AL councilman uses n-word at meeting and sword ratchetness.

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    The way that councilman casually dropped the n bomb makes me think he’s done it before in front of them with no consequences which is why there was no instant apology like what usually happens. That dude doesn’t give a fuck and I actually respect him standing in his racism rather than pretending he’s not racist. He’s still hot garbage though.

  2. Hill.shun

    Karen! Lady, you were on fire this episode. You had me laughing like a crazy person in front of my co-workers. I couldn’t help my self. The covid basketball analogies were genius.

  3. Anne

    Rod, I need to clarify ( I don’t but I have the time right now) what I meant about Bezos being the same as Jay-Z. You’re correct in saying that Bezos had an easier path to take when starting his company. But ….and this is my opinion only…..but…..he had to have the same type of personality as someone like Jay-Z in order to use the resources he had access to the way he did. He could have stayed in finance, married well, and lived comfortably with no worries. Probably what most of us would do. But he took a calculated risk. Likewise someone born without access to money and connections would have to have a personality that allowed them to see beyond that situation and know they could still accomplish what they wanted. Not everyone has that ability.
    That was my original point. Jay-Z’s success is more impressive if you view him side by side with those who are always labeled as visionaries because it had to take vision to succeed.

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