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2493: Jail Rap Interludes

Rod and Karen are joined by Drunk Black History’s own Brandon Collins to discuss doing his first road show of Drunk Black History, reviewing movies in person, Jeen-Yuhs documentary, NYC’er not paying to ride the bus, Uber will let you see ratings, IG launches private story likes, Amazon suspends BLM from charity, judge lowers Kim Potter’s recommended sentence, Welcome To The Cookout™, carjacking suspect accidentally takes selfie, teacher arrested over weed brownies, man shoots up baby shower and sword ratchetness.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod &Karen

    Just wanted to thank Brandon for coming onto the show again and thank him for sharing that very personal news about finding out who his dad was later in life.

    On the “Jeen – yuhs “ Netflix documentary,it’s extremely inspiring, soulful and sad at the same time. All I can say on Ye is I will keep him in my prayers and hope he continues to take his meds, go to his therapy and stays as healthy as he can . I – like a lot people am still learning everyday about bipolar disorder and manic behavior as a result of said disorder. So it’s just takes time and understanding and to listen to people who say THIS is what manic behavior is and just realize this doesn’t necessarily excuse anything but it MIGHT explain some stuff too.

    Also encourage folks to read this article from the cut.com that speaks on this topic:


    Also just have to commend Coodie the director of the doc, he shot a beautiful and inspiring doc about his friend trying to accomplish his dream I just hope and pray his friend can find balance in his life while dealing with his disorder.

    Finally Congrats on Game Theory Rod , I can’t wait to watch and support!

    Thanks yall


  2. bamil73

    “What’s up ma nigga, same day same shit
    Punk ass COs on a nigga dick
    Got me up at 3 o clock cooking eggs and grits
    See I can’t take this shit
    Try to hold a nigga down in this country ass town
    Im used to smoking chronic moving pounds”

    That was the jailhouse interlude on Aquemini. Those were my shit. Another prominent one that I remember was from one the late 90s Wu Tang albums. The 90s were such a time to be alive.

    On the bad Jamaican accent thing I feel like since you’re like a famous HBO writer now, the laws of twitter say I need to call you out on appropriation. Send you one of those “open letters” that people send celebrities. The irony would be that if you actually read it , it would mean you’re not that famous at all.

    On a serious note it was dope that Brandon could come through for you on that Man on the Street thing. I am looking forward to this show although it seems like it may not be on in Canada. Crave TV, service that carries HBO and HBO Max content in Canada doesn’t have plans to show it here. Just like South Side season 2. I smell racism. It looks like I’m going to have to go back to 2011 and try and find alternative methods because Game Theory is one I don’t want to miss.

  3. shay

    I’m not proud of it but back in the late eighties early nineties when Vegas still had the “Cat” buses I definitely hopped in thru the back door of the bus a few times. this was well before everything had cameras and shit. I was a broke kid who just needed to get where I needed to get. the children of today could never.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I never thought Ted Bundy was attractive. Maybe if you only could choose between serial killers? In that case I suggest staying alone.

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    I voted yes in the poll because as a kid in NYC, playing jump the turnstile was a common game. I don’t specifically remember doing it, but the fact that the turnstile game immediately came to mind means it’s possible I did it with friends once. I am too afraid of being caught and taken to jail to have done it a second time.

    As an adult, my answer is definitely not.

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