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2558: A Fourth A Cup Of Sugar

Rod and Karen discuss biscuits, Uvalde shooting update, Boris Johnson under pressure, Las Vegas VR porn headsets, Wendy Williams Show social media deleted, GOP candidate celebrates after mass shooting, NJ governor passes gun laws, NC workers sue job over mandatory prayers, Orlando has to apologize for woke 4th post, some women want to withhold sex over Roe overturning, LGBTQ News, Black republican political ad, GA anti-CRT bill passed, teen charge with hate crime, nurse fired over social media post, man puts coke up his butt, man arrested for waving knife at Home Depot and sword ratchetness.

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  1. MrHilton

    Another great episode! No corona virus news but the episode still felt full and informative. Keep up the awesome work Karen and Hot RodNey

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Whites are often crazy I admit.
    Still I have one question: one of the worst judges on the Supreme Court is Clarence Thomas and he is a black man. Noone says anything about it, if I only listened to audio media I would never know it. I know about his past and Anita Hill. Don’t you see him as black? Is it that if you are terrible enough you become white? I’m confused.

  3. Itsmee

    Good morning,
    I didn’t know until listening to you that Darren Bailey said that stupid shit while in my town. He’s not going to win against JB, but with the way of the world is, he could come close. Illinois is only blue because of Chicago and the Northshore. And a lot of these so called dems or liberal white people would/will flip in a heart beat or if enough people don’t get out and vote. Bailey is a loud and proud Trumper and believes we need to get rid of all our sins (abortion/homosexuality not racism/white terrorism) in order for our state and country to be great again. So I’m not surprised by his statements.
    I’m right with you Karen, when Obama was in office all we heard was Sharia (??)law, yet now that’s exactly what they are moving us toward. The hypocrisy of the right is glaring. I wish I had a country that I could escape to, because it’s ghetto here with all these crazy whites. Not all white folks, but….

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