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2586: We Are The Wheel Of Time

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Game of Thrones Breaking HBO Max and a therapist going viral before getting fired.

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  1. bamil73

    Broadly speaking, it’s definitely a generational thing, this willingness to blur the line between jobby-job and internet persona. I never mention my employer or industry in the wilds of social media. What that therapist did was wild. She had her whole face out there, telling people what she does, then denigrating her clients, and still saw nothing wrong. She needs to invest in one of those masks that Shawna in Rap Sh!t be using showcase her “bars”.


  2. EvieE

    I don’t think what the therapist said was wrong but there’s a time and place for everything and it was unprofessional. And from the looks of it she’s digging in her heals and doesn’t think she did anything wrong. That’s why social media can mess your life up because you let these strangers hype you up but when you face the consequences it’s crickets.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    It’s sweet to hear about your love Kerod! You are a great couple.

    Mr Apia goes once a week to his office and works 4 times a week from home. Seems ideal to me. I can do my work partially from home but it’s also absolutely necessary that I show up in person. So I’m about 70% outside. I can decide how I do my work as long as I am bringing in the sweet numbers for capitalism. People seem to enjoy seeing me in person. I get it. I’m pretty charming and fun. It’s fact.
    Don’t hate me.

  4. PamelaM8

    Hello Karen and Rod –

    “Are you ready to return to work in person?” Hell to the no! I’m not feeling it.

    My company took the pandemic seriously and we were all at home by end of March 2020. There were several proposed return to work dates that were postponed and when vaccines were available, we were strongly encouraged to take it and good behavior was modeled by senior management in that they would say things out loud like “we can meet in person like this because we’re all vaccinated” and they consulted with medical experts and followed CDC guidelines.

    Masking was generally required to enter a building and if the federal vaccine mandate weren’t blocked, it’s likely that would also have been a requirement. Health and safety of the employees was prioritized.

    So here we are two and half years later, and partially based on the review of those same CDC guidelines, we may be making our way back where masking will no longer be required regardless of vaccination status. It’s not mandatory as of yet, it’s just strongly encouraged to go back in one or two days a week. Can’t really blame them because there’s all that beautiful recently remodeled office space going unused.

    There’s no concern that we’ll be going back full time; the company has adopted flexible schedules for most, so many people would get at least two days working from home, if not three. I’m just not at that comfort level where I’m going into the office raw dogging the air with a whole bunch of bare faced people. I would prefer to watch from afar to see if there are any mass COVID outbreaks and new omega level variants as a result.

    I’m not ready! But the world is moving on. I’ve been saying to others since the beginning that this wasn’t the rest of our lives, even though it feels that way!

    Love your show and thank you!

  5. think_p_smart

    Ha! So the podcast Karen was referring to said everything I have been saying all over the internet, including the chatroom, when the fake ass articles attempted to get folks shaking in their boots about corporate jobs forcing people back into offices. It didn’t work. This is about real estate and control and trying to continue getting tax benefits from municipalities in exchange for forcing workers to come to offices, pay tolls and parking, patronize nearby businesses, etc. But we still do midday meetups near those same spots. We take our computers and likely spend MORE and the work is getting done.

    I might be so clearly able to predict how workers would unite because I spent so much time around union folks. But people aren’t stupid. Thanks to the internet, good common sense didn’t allow the lie of needing to be face-to-face to collaborate. But those who did say they NEEDED to go to offices were often exposing the following:

    1. They don’t have social skills and they need to get them if they could only get friends from work and maintain then at work. Newsflash, folks can see real friends without stepping foot into the office. I hang out with my fave, a woman probably 20 years my senior, of another race, from another country, all the time. She is bae!
    2. They need to institute BOUNDARIES in their homes and lives if their kids and spouses refuse to let them work in peace. I’ve worked from home , off and on, since 2000. I conditioned my people that I was working even though I was at home. Leave me to it.

    As for the booster, I have consulted with my doctor and ya girl can get that new-NEW too! This must be how heroine addicts feel when that new high hits the streets. This means I will have been covered the whole time and just as booster two is wearing off, I am walking, sleeveless into a pharmacy re-re-re-Booster Shot!

  6. bamil73

    Since you’re recapping the new Game of Thrones show, how about a new hashtag? I know you’re still planning on using dem thrones(#demthrones) but hear me out. There’s House of the Dragon #HoTD (amusing right..tee fucking hee) or #demdragons, which is a little on the nose. How about catering to your Jamaican contingent and going with #DragonsDem (analogous to gyal dem) or #DiDragonsDem. If you really want to skirt the line of appreciation/appropriation you could even use that Luke Cage Jamaican accent and pronounce it “‘ashtag di jagans dem”. You may piss off many a Jamaican but, don’t worry you have my co-sign, which admittedly is worth as much as the co-sign from that nigga that lets their white friends say “nigga”.

    Think about it.

    The Official Jamaican of the TBGWT family

  7. Mdiarra

    Yall did a great job breaking down The drama with that Black woman Therapist. As a Black man who goes to therapy I am trying to imagine how I would feel if im scrolling TikTok, I see my therapist on there and shes describing how working with me is tiresome and calling me a a motherfucker im gonna feel some type of way.

    I think its kind of funny because (to me) therapy is where you are supposed to be able ot be the most vulnerable. Be able to open up and discuss the way I truly feel with a hope that theres minimal judgement from my therapist or if there is judgement, will help me come to the realization of why im wrong. But if i see that Tiktok imma spend most of my time thinking about what im saying, feeling self concious so that I wont be perceived as a “dusty nigga” and honestly will I grow from that?

    I think a lot of folks myself included agree with her message. I think emotional intelligence is LACKING with Black men in particular as a group, myself included. I do think we need to be able to unpack a lot and be able to properly put into words our emotions because for a lot of us, our childhoods we spent a lot of time having any emotions that wasn’t anger or stoicness as “soft”. I spend a lot of time in therapy being “soft” in a space I am allowed to But tone matters a lot to me and if you seem like u gonna talk shit about my efforts to grow, etc on social media. I now am less inclined to trust you. Same goes for Kevin Samuels! Talk. To. Me. Nice.

    I always find it funny thats its always the people who talk about how their parents yelling at them, being loud and rough verbally with them as kids and how that left them with trauma they have to unpack. Are now saying that someone who you pay to be vulnerable and unpack that trauma is allowed to talk any which way because “professionalism” is white supremacy.

    As Rod perfectly said if there was someone outside of the marginalized group talking about the marginalized group like that we would’ve been mad. Imagine a White woman saying this verbatim without the calling them the N word and shit.

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