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TNO 190: GameStop Daycare

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Cyberpunk getting an update, Games Done Quick leaves FL, Netflix wants to switch to weekly releases, Paper Girls canceled, Ubisoft switching to $70 games, Constantine 2, pro gaming CEO on unpaid leave, YouTuber gets caught leaking games, writer turns down award to protest sexist companies, Iron Man game, GameStop says stop leaving your kids with them, Xbox update, 2k hacked and the Ballerina.

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  1. RoninRaphael

    Greetings Illustrious Nerds,

    Wishing Rod another happy celebrating. Man I wasn’t expecting you to make me be in the feelings by bringing up The Expanse. I felt so alone when it ended as no one around me seemed to be into it, so it felt like grieving alone. On the positive side, I’m glad that I got to attend panels with the cast (not all of them), Twice at NYCC including their last panel. I wasn’t aware of the sexual assault thing with the guy playing the character who was killed off as none of the youtubers that I watched mentioned it so thanks for the update. I hope that one day we see something from that universe, just like I would like someone to pickup Paper Girls.

    Speaking of youtubers, I’m glad that you mentioned something that I had also noticed with Heavy Spoilers. I stopped watching him when it came to MCU stuff cause he always had to remind me that he preferred dark stuff and it should have been this instead of that, I’m like give me the highly excited nerds at New Rockstars for my peace. Andre the Black Nerd and the Ecomog guys be killing me in laughter their reactions (zero recap sometimes ).

    Thanks for the awesome shows as always!

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