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TNO 190: GameStop Daycare

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Cyberpunk getting an update, Games Done Quick leaves FL, Netflix wants to switch to weekly releases, Paper Girls canceled, Ubisoft switching to $70 games, Constantine 2, pro gaming CEO on unpaid leave, YouTuber gets caught leaking games, writer turns down award to protest sexist companies, Iron Man game, GameStop says stop leaving your kids with them, Xbox update, 2k hacked and the Ballerina.


  1. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Gonna try to keep it short this time cuz im doing 18 hour days again and I’m dying to sleep lol

    First of all, have to agree about the heavy spoilers guy, he’s been especially annoying with the she hulk reviews because it’s obvious he hates light lawyer comedies but in my opinion he’s my preferred watch despite his many flaws because I much prefer his very British sense of humour rather than a lot of the American YouTubers. Not that I’m caping for this white man but it’s nice to have variety lol, he’s not the only coverage I consume by any means but when he’s enjoying something it’s a fun time.

    Secondly, y’all I don’t know if you noticed but that second black panther trailer was a revelation. The song that played throughout was Zambian and in my native language called bemba(that I’m very bad at speaking having lived in the UK for so long but I can still understand a good amount) but it was so cool hearing my brethren in such a big way get exposure. Especially the good sis sampa the great who’s been carrying Zambian representation in the wider world on her back and getting to see her shine like this was nothing short of euphoric. Hopefully one of us gets a hold of the black panther comics and perpetuates the Zambia agenda like the Nigerians and South Africans have already with the property haha. We coming for y’all haha

    Next up, that finale of rings of power had to be the best high fantasy content I’ve seen in a while. Even as someone whose eyes glaze over when I see elves in anything else, they amnaged to keep me around. Galadriel continues to be my fave on the show. Love her stoic but compassionate character. The last couple episodes been real good for her with the battle stuff and her interactions with Theo being a highlight for me. The harfoots storyline was also a favourite and I absolutely love everything with elrond and the dwarves. Can’t say I’ve ever been a big lord of the rings fan even when the original movie trilogy was coming out when I was a kid but this is morey speed. I’m very much enjoying what they’re doing and can’t wait for more. A great first season indeed.

    Lastly, while I haven’t had a chance to keep up with a lot of anime coming out due to looking at anime giving me PTSD right now and being behind on so many shows, I am very excited about chainsaw man as most are despite being bored with the manga. Seeing the story animated will definitely make me get into it more. Will hopefully be able to binge that and the new seasons of bleach and mob psycho 100 when work wraps up and I can actually enjoy them.

    Ok love y’all, Felix out.

  2. RoninRaphael

    Greetings Illustrious Nerds,

    Wishing Rod another happy celebrating. Man I wasn’t expecting you to make me be in the feelings by bringing up The Expanse. I felt so alone when it ended as no one around me seemed to be into it, so it felt like grieving alone. On the positive side, I’m glad that I got to attend panels with the cast (not all of them), Twice at NYCC including their last panel. I wasn’t aware of the sexual assault thing with the guy playing the character who was killed off as none of the youtubers that I watched mentioned it so thanks for the update. I hope that one day we see something from that universe, just like I would like someone to pickup Paper Girls.

    Speaking of youtubers, I’m glad that you mentioned something that I had also noticed with Heavy Spoilers. I stopped watching him when it came to MCU stuff cause he always had to remind me that he preferred dark stuff and it should have been this instead of that, I’m like give me the highly excited nerds at New Rockstars for my peace. Andre the Black Nerd and the Ecomog guys be killing me in laughter their reactions (zero recap sometimes ).

    Thanks for the awesome shows as always!

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