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2753: Coca Cola With The Cocaine In It

Rod and Karen discuss seeing Queen Bey in the Queen City.

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  1. Dj

    Cue the “Karen be knowin” music because getting a room near the event was no question the right way to go! Got a quick testimony….I’m only 45mins from Detroit & it was full heart attack mode until me & my cousin got into the pre-show dinner. I got up on time, needed gas….got to the station….had forgotten my card. Ran back home, by time I got to the 2nd station Twister decided to do a reboot in the city! The wind & rain were ridiculous & I had to go in to pay in my freshly done lace wig. I cursed the devil out in many languages in my head & declared an Arya Stark “DEVIL NOT TODAY!” before getting back home & ready. Hold on not over. As I’m scooping up my cousin my mom calls my aunts house asking if she had any ear meds. Turns out my son still hadn’t shaken his ear ache I had given him meds for earlier (add that his summer program bus was exxxxtra late that day), so we swoop back around the corner to my house to meet them, handed him a bottle then jumped on the highway. Storm had already stopped, but there were orange menace cones slowing down spots in Michigan. Then, Jesus, the Tigers decided they just HAD to have a game same day. No one wanna wait for your 40 innings to end we going to see the queen! The traffic was just slow creep for miles the closer you got & the police directing didnt help. We couldnt get to the garage closest to the dinner area so we spent about an hour in that situation, but Mother Oshun, the ancestors, Allah whatever you wanna call it was looking out because we got into a garage right near a stadium entrance on the other side!
    My tickets said the show started 7:30, but after listening to you guys realize that likely wasnt exact. They let the food stay out longer than planned, it was delicious btw. We ate & when we heard cheering hurried to our seats. It was a long wait, but fully worth it! We got our whole blessing & vowed to get a hotel nearby next time lol.

  2. LayLoves

    I was waiting for you guys’ review because I knew you’d have a ball! I admit that I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan, but I knew that snagging some tix was a great opportunity to bond with the family members I went with.

    We went a few nights after you did, at the Atlanta show (where she declared us the winners of the mute challenge). 20 out of 10, would do again. I heard her say at some point during the night that “Y’all are the visuals”, so I’m thinking she’s gonna put footage together and release a DVD or streamer like she did for Beychella. At any rate, I’m sliding my coins to the side so that I’m ready for the Renaissance Part 2 tour. This show was a joyful, uplifting experience that I didn’t know we needed. Much love to y’all, as always.

  3. EvieE

    Loved the recap of the concert event. What would you say was your favorite song of the night, the one one got you the most hype?

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars and Good Morning. I am co-signing with Karen about Big Sexy French Toast. If the restaurant does not use Texas Toast Bread or Brioche to make French Toast. I don’t want it!
    Karen’s commentary throughout the Renaissance Tour was the chef’s kiss! I co-sign with Rod about Beyonce doing “Before I Let Go.” That Homecoming version is everything!
    I am glad the wight women knew their place..cause the Renaissance is for dancing, love, unity, and partying!

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