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2754: Qanon Vs BlueAnon

Rod and Karen talk about the conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy in Hawaii, a conspiracy about the Montgomery brawl, new Trump indictments dropped, DeSantis wants Disney to call off the smoke, Jesus is too woke for evangelicals, Melle Mel vs Eminem, Eminem’s place in hip hop, the Bald Brothers Comedy Tour, Drapetomaniax and a Game Theory sketch about The Blind Side comes full circle.

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  1. HvyWght

    Eminem was Loved by Black people more than any other white rapper for myriad reasons that separated him from the rest. Besides his obvious skill, he was from where niggas was from. And, even though he came up in the culture, he didn’t adopt some weird ass Blackcent. He rose through hard work. He wasn’t picked out of a box by an AR that needed a white act. He used his platform to put on other Black rappers. And he was able to thread the needle of Black parallel whiteness that we Love, same as Paramore. It was a minefield, but he more than any other white rapper was equipped to navigate.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Jesus was overall an ok guy as it seems and of course this seems way too little hatefull for the Hardliners.

  3. EvieE

    DeSantis is a turd

  4. rodimusprime

    Hi rod and Karen! I haven’t written in a while. Just wanted to comment on the whole lizzo situation. I will be honest I have not done a deep dive into the accusations, but I am surprised at the number of events being cancelled already. It took people decades to ever even believe half the stuff about bill Cosby and rkelly. Even with the whole situation with Jonathan majors a lot of people were saying they were waiting for the evidence. It was his team putting out those texts that made people question what really happened.

    Apparently Beyonce removed lizzos shout out and replaced it with Brittney spears and the cancellation of the concert festival lizzo was supposed to headline (although I’m aware that was likely also about low ticket sales also), and the news being leaked about her no longer being in the running for the Super Bowl. As you have noted on the show, what she is being accused of, is why there is Human Resources and why they discourage fraternization between boss and employee and some of the accusations aren’t even about her but about her lead dancer. I also agree if this were any other artist, people would be like well of course you can’t gain 30 pounds as a dancer and xyz,or oh seems like a fun night to me, xyz

    I do think this will go the Ellen show way of them just cancelling themselves out, in that I know the dance world is very small, and wonder even if they win will they get work again especially given there is so little demand for plus size dancers.

    The conspiracy theorist part of me also thinks that it’s a two part issue that’s going on one where there are the people that do feel like she was supposed to be different. She was supposed to be nice and she’s a larger person herself, so how dare she tell another dancer that they can’t gain weight XYZ. Also it’s a double edge sword when your persona is the nice and sweet person. If people find out, oh you’re not so nice and sweet when it comes to work or business, and maybe you are stern and very matter of fact, then it creates a dissonance. They think you should be sweet at all times. The whole Ellen thing seemed to be, oh she’s only sweet and bubbly on camera but isn’t so nice behind the scenes. But if your persona is about being no nonsense and taking no crap, then people don’t care. Idk it’s weird and hopefully I’ve explained this correctly.

    but the other part of me does feel that there is a deeper agenda at play I’m not sure if you all are aware of what’s called a Manosphear. They have been very against Lizzo and her body positivity movement, in that they felt like her telling people to embrace and love themselves regardless of their size is causing women to gain weight and think it’s acceptable to be overweight or obese. This is not anything that I agree with obviously and feel it is a very toxic and dangerous movement for men. I think this is essentially almost like a brainwashing cult, and that especially black men are being indoctrinated into this. It’s also the root of what a lot of these male podcasts are spouting. So it seems she is getting it from all sides. Some of the people shouting to cancel her were never fans in that how dare a plus size woman be sexual or show her body. It is so sad to see. Again this whole thing is why I am neither friends on social media with any supervisors at work nor would I ever hand out with them outside of work. I’ve had friends at work and even 10 years later after leaving that job we are still friends but 1. It wasn’t a Supervsor/subordinate situation and 2. It took years to get to that point. I was also younger, so older and wiser me likely wouldn’t, in that even being friends and hanging out with coworkers can be messy but thank goodness I’ve never had any work drama or messiness. Sorry so long but every time I think to write about it, i get distracted lol

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    My thoughts on the official weapon of the show is make it weapons with the taser, which is traditionally used against us, as a representation of a low point for Black people, and the folding chair as the representation of our refusal to tolerate any more white people bullshit. Having said that, I voted for the folding chair.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I know in general the weather gets dry. But not here this year. I rained everyday for the last 6 weeks. No joke I like to dry my laundry outside and it was impossible.
    Everything is wet but at least the vegetation is extremely green. The ground water levels increased a lot. Overall it’s good. But also interesting to hear about the fear of dryness everywhere and literally getting rained on everyday.

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