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2821: The Three Cures For Loneliness

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. HustleNoFlow

    What movie do you think of when you say Spike brought us Michael Rappaport? I always blamed John Singleton/Higher Learning and then Tribe for giving him the pass that brought him to the cookout and he showed up w/ raisins in his potato salad….

  2. EvieE

    No one agrees about everything all the time. My biggest disagreement with show is the constant Arby’s hate but I love y’all anyway. By the way, they have the meats.

  3. shanna

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    Just in case y’all do a pre-Christmas feedback show, I wanted to share one thought. I appreciate y’all discussing how the media + corporation hyped fear around crime is going to lead us to a place that we’ll regret 20-30 years from now. And you’re absolutely right that Black people are falling for this and asking to be overpoliced without realizing where it will lead us.

    For example, in 2021 when Eric Adams was running for mayor, I happened to be home that summer and I asked my mom and my friends if they were voting for him or Maya Wiley (progressive, Black woman, anti-policing). All of them told me they were voting for Adams, that crime was “back” and he could take care of it and he was a Black man that would do right by Black people. Fast forward to this summer when a lot of the stuff about him being corrupt was dropping and I asked my mom how she felt about him now and she SWEARS she didn’t support him and no one knew he was tight with cops. That’s just an anecdote but I wouldn’t be surprised if these laws get passed and everyone’s collective memory forgets that they voted for it.

    As per usual, thanks for your thoughtful approach to these discussions. Happy Holidays to you and the fam.


  4. Shoebootie

    You could do a whole episode on mixed families and DNA test ticking time bombs that went off. I got my own tale of shaking my family tree’s status quo!

  5. Shoebootie

    It would be a stretch to think my DNA would be used to frame me for a crime. If they catch my family members on some bullshit well that’s on THEM. But personal data is the real currency, and detailed info about people’s genetics takes targeted marketing to another screwed up level (sorry big pharma Apia, you know I love you).

    • ApiafromGermany

      As if big Pharma ever did something bad in the history of the world. Ever.
      Has always been selfless and not greedy at all. Why did I even think about greed. I mean my business is full of earth angels.
      But the most important thing is to see Shoebootie here. It makes me very happy, she is a pretty cool one.

  6. Yaytoonday

    On not agreeing with everything….

    I am one of the people who had previously said something about not agreeing with everything you all say. I had put that in my 5-star review from a few weeks ago.

    I had a thought about why I did it and wanted to provide that context. I can’t speak for anyone else who has done that. . I feel like it was a part of my (born skeptic) need to prove to myself, to you and other listeners that I my ideas are my own. and that I’m not just parroting yours and Karen’s ideas.

    You two are highly intelligent people who provide well-thought out points of views that I may not have considere,. This is why I love to listen.

    I am also someone who has listened to a lot of podcasts that discuss cult dynamics, MLMs, and other types of undue influence, so I’m constantly checking myself. . That skeptic’s need to still check myself is what jumped out in my comment

    That said, I can’t even remember an instance where I disagreed strongly. I guess it wasn’t that important haha! . Now that I know that that it bothers you, I won’t do it again lol!

  7. ApiafromGermany

    About the DNA I agree again!
    If my second Cousin killed someone and was found out by my DNA, I wouldn’t really be sad about it. He could just not kill that person. I haven’t killed anyone up till now and I’m doing just fine. It’s an option.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    I agree with you so much, it’s strange.
    At least on 95% topics overall. Interesting considered that we live on another continents, are ethnicity different, have completely different jobs, we have kids and a dog and so much more.
    The different views are: I don’t think that watching sports is fun, but I’m not against it for others of course. And I think all people should minimize the meat intake for the environment because the production is so energy demanding and do so even if I like the taste of meat a lot.
    I never thought that I was in a fight with Keith. I always thought that Keith was doing his thing and it was all in good fun! I’m listening to KATG for fun and that’s part of it. He was never mean or something he just disagreed with my ( right) views.
    That’s Keith’s love language. Never change Keith.
    There is a pretty fun podcast called ” Who? Weekly” about c and d celebrities, it’s smart and funny and they do it with love.

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