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2822: Our Gaming Year In Review

Rod and Karen banter about adult coloring books, PIN cards, home workout struggles and which states are “The South.” Then they discuss their end of the year gaming recaps, a senate staffer sex-tape leaks, Rudy Giuliani loses law suit, Greyhound bus stops getting bought up, Weightwatcher creates Ozempic program, Gender Wars, drug suspect claims meth was planted in his underwear, Gastonia police officer arrested again, pedicab driver arrested and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I have been waiting to get the ps5 because not enough games I was interested in was being made for that system to make it worth it but not that GTA 6 is coming out soon I’m going to have to go ahead and get it. They got me.

  2. ajmartin22

    I used to have a PlayStation 2 before it got stolen and my favorite game to play on that was Tekken. I also played many PC games and the one I played the most was the Battle for Middle-Earth: I played that game like it was a part-time job that I was not being compensated for. I have been a long-time listener of your podcast and I always look forward to what you have to say because it is funny and informative.


  3. DrUzo82

    Rod & Karen giving us a Nerd-off preview on the main feed? I love it! I don’t know who else needs to here it, but the premium shows are and you freeloaders (s/o to 3 G.O.) should be grateful for the freebie on this one!

    • DrUzo82

      Not sure if it showed up, but there should have been 3 flame emojis to describe the premium shows!

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Star Show. I have a quick comment on Shannon Sharpe asking the questions to Kirk Franklin. I applauded Brother Kirk Franklin’s comments and suggestions about dating and paying for items. Shannon Sharpe stays shucking and jiving for himself and others like him, including women and men who still think things are fifty/fifty in relationships.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    New Machines all want lots of our attention. BEEP, BEEP, look at me! Talk to me! Says the washing machine, the oven, the milk foam maker.. I thought in a world full of machines, it would be less unnecessary communication but no.
    The worst was my new Volkswagen Touran Car.
    ( don’t get confused by the name, it’s a minivan because of the kids and dog)
    It’s a talker. When I got it, it said when I opened a window “ ECOLOGICAL SUGGESTION , close the window to save fuel!!!
    What do you even have windows for that I can open , Touran, when you get to pissed when I open them? I went to the best weapon we still have for now, the set up menu and told it to keep those suggestions to themselves. Some suggestions I couldn’t stop. It still says “ DRIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!” From time to time for no reason. But ok, no one is perfect.
    I know some American machines want money Tipps now for doing their regular jobs. What do you need it for? You live in one place machine. It’s not so much you could spend it on. Ok, it’s probably for “ only machines” to see some sexy ball bearing. Hihi.

    • Shoebootie

      These machines are all doing too much now. My LG washer didn’t have to make a whole tune for when the wash is finished. It slaps, but c’mon they really didn’t need to go that hard!

  6. greatunclebob

    Re: weight watchers making Ozempic plans.

    Other major brands are pivoting to making protein shakes, smaller portions, etc due to increased Ozempic type weight loss frogs bring more popular and commonplace.

    • DrUzo82

      Weight watchers is following a trend where med spas are charging patients for similar services. A person shows up, gets a shot once a week (presumably of semaglutide [Ozempic or Wegovy] or tirzepatide [Mounjaro or Zepbound]), and a meets with a doctor and/or a dietician who reviews weight loss plans. These services can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the clinic and the demand for medication. From my perspective, this feels like a way to extract money from people who want the weight loss but may not otherwise be able to get these drugs reliably or consistently.

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