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2840: Coonmunity

Rod and Karen banter about firing employees on Two Point Campus, helping your future self, going to the chiropractor, social media posts about weight loss, microwaves need a silent mode, curry smells delicious, Drakes is a better actor than Mos Def and why don’t Black republicans form a community? Then they discuss Iowa caucus fallout, 70 percent of republicans don’t believe Biden is a legit president, Trump trials, Jan 6th rioters are not antifa, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak relationship troubles, Keith Lee cuts Bay Area tour short, podcast downloads are shrinking, man poisons meatball sub, Federal prosecutor DUI, doomsday prepper has bad news for family and sword ratchetness.

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Should Keith Lee have published his reviews of Bay Area restaurants?


  1. EvieE

    Keith Lee seems like a stand up dude. And I think he did the right thing I’m not posting the six reviews he didn’t think were constructive or the restaurant that got him sick because no matter how many times he says he doesn’t want people to harass the restaurants people on social media are nuts and they’re going to harass the restaurants anyway. People are still clowning that restaurant in Atlanta.
    The main people people posting negative videos about Keith’s visit to the bay are non black people who don’t live in the areas he visited who don’t see or don’t care about the issues he discussed. Instead they twisted what he said as if he called the whole bay trash and honestly I think they did this to get clout off his name because he’s so popular they saw that as a way to get views.

    And people forget that he goes to restaurants that people have recommended. And there have been a couple places that begged him to come and they didn’t get stellar reviews and in turn attacked him. From what I can see he’s uplifted a lot of small businesses with his reviews and I hope he keeps doing his thing.

  2. ginagate

    that prepper lady is like ” how you gonna hate grin irresistible the bunker? you can’t even get in!”

    also, the book ‘ how to keep house while drowning” had been very helpful in shaping how I now view housework. it’s a morally neutral thing I do to rest and care for myself and do the best I can for my own ease& function. it’s a really good read, especially the audio version.

  3. Shoebootie

    The social media posts about weight loss can seem fatphobic instead of celebratory because no matter what, it’s all based in societal acceptance of a body that fits the norms. Once you’re making progress to be accepted, you celebrate that like “Look everyone, you can quit making fun of me now, I fit the mold you decided was the ideal!”

    They don’t want us to be fat, but don’t want us to use Ozempic. They don’t want us to be fat, but mock us at the gym. I swear to GOD one time I was quietly on a diet, and eating my little carrot sticks at work, and this bitch had the audacity to say “oh you know bell peppers have less sugar and calories than carrots, you should try that.” WE CAN’T DO NOTHIN!

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Being organized and doing stuff that needs to be done immediately is great self care for your future self and I know the feeling when I notice that I already took care of something some time ago. It’s great and it always boosts self confidence. Big recommendation!

    • Shoebootie

      This is the German efficiency from Apia we have come to know and love. “Why wouldn’t you just choose to be great? Do you like being lazy and ineffective? Just do the right thing and then you feel good. Duh.”

      • ApiafromGermany

        But its true. Just do good stuff instead of bad. And things will be better.

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