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2839: Is Drake Destroying Hip Hop?

Rod and Karen banter about smoothies, making takeout food at home, demanding politicians go on Black entertainment shows, Batman on Etsy, Kevin Hart commercials, and cold NFL games. Then they discuss Mos Def being shady towards Drake, a man steals a Waffle House tattoo, Subway sandwich assault, wet bread assault and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I don’t think Drake is ruining hip hop. Admittedly, I don’t listen to him regularly. I think in general hip hop in the last several years hasn’t been that great to me outside of the women who I think are killing the game. The only rap I’ve listened to in the past few years is from women. Drake is simply a product of what mainstream media is pushing.

  2. HustleNoFlow

    It seems like Angela Rye and crew have been friends w/ CTG since they were all younger coming up in media, because I remember them talking to him back in the day. So it seems like they try to treat him as serious when he’s not. With podcasting and streaming, it doesn’t seem like there’s a current day version of the Tom Joyner show where even though they were joking, they also had real serious segments and recurring news segments that treated things with more gravitas than what you get with the Breakfast Club, which is always going viral for nonsense. With your time in NY, and the other people in the industry, did you ever ask them what their relationship was like with CTG? Was there a lot of love and behind the scenes good stuff that we don’t see?

    Also, for Drake, when his last album came out, people that listen to his music were regularly commenting that he feels like he’s trying to stay stuck at a young point, and that his music doesn’t seem to be aging with him as he works the formula to keep appealing to the same age demographic. It’s odd to now hear some of those folks act like they don’t understand the point that Mos Def is making, when it really seems similar to what they have said about the music before. Mos knew that saying it would be seen as hate.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Karen is so funny while she explicitly tells us she doesn’t try to be funny. Imagine she would try. We couldn’t handle it I suppose.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I don’t know if Drake is hip hop or not, but I know that I find all his songs forgettable and sometimes wonder why he has so much success.

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