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2868: Rob Haze

Rod and Karen are joined by Rob Haze, writer/actor/comedian and the host of “The Inconsistent Podcast w/ Rob Haze.” We discuss producing a standup special, his comedy origins, roast battles, the difference between comedy in ATL, NYC and LA, working on Sherman’s Showcase, The Book of Ye, White dude suing for reverse racism in writer’s rooms, McDonald’s safe robbery and sword ratchetness.

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Comedians doing crowdwork


  1. Sean

    On the topic of crowd work:
    It is useful in two situations: dealing with hecklers & getting the audience engaged if you are a crowd warmer for shows with live studio audiences.
    However, I get the feeling that the focus on crowd work for social media clip generation may lead to attention seekers coming to shows to engage in crowd work rather than letting the comedian present their act. In other words, I fear that crowd work / dealing with hecklers in social media even by solid comedians like J-L Cauvin, Andrea Jin, Tarrell Wright, or Jeff Hoffstetter is a net negative.
    Sure, if you are not good at generating engaging, interesting, and structurally sound sets *cough* Rife *cough* you can let the audience cover for your lack of competence and make a career in comedy. However, I prefer comedians who have solid timing, engaging delivery, a defined yet unique and versatile on-stage character, and a set that has strong micro- and macro-structure. (micro-structure is the structure of individual jokes/anecdotes, macro-structure is the structure of the set as a whole).

  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    This was a good episode. Rob Haze, welcome to the TBGWT family. Cannot wait to have him back, especially to play some games! FIve Stars.

  3. EvieE

    Great guest. Hopefully you will have him back.

    I’m not that well versed in the comedy world but isn’t crowd work how Matt Rafe got popular? It seems to me that someone who is good at doing crowd work might not be that good doing traditional standup and that’s why so many people didn’t find his special that funny. I think a comedian can do some crowd work but I’m not sure if I’d enjoy a show of a comedian doing nothing but crowdwork.

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