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BDS 510: Ho You Fat

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, Cam Newton gets in a scrap, Russell Wilson cut by Denver, court storming, Rob Parker starting an all-Black radio station, Shareece Wrights sues woman who abused him in school, Sha’Carri securing the bag, Tyreek Hill sued by OnlyFans model, Justin Jefferson sued by ex, Steph and Ayesha expecting 4th child, Christian Woods granted restraining order against mother of his child, Rondo wants gun charges dismissed, Scottie and Larsa sued by woman claiming to be his ex, Dwight Howard drops lawsuit against accuser, Dartmouth men’s basketball team unionized, Nick Saban bitter about NIL, Drew Eubanks update, Anthony Edwards leaves the game to be at his child’s birth, Lakers fans break into Clippers arena, Stephen A got called by Jay-Z, former NBA player/actor sentenced to 90 years and the most outrageous athlete names.


  1. Mary

    I am loving the pushback by the kids on the Jordan GOAT premise!! They’re throwing up all the videos of Drexler cooking MJ and MJ not being able to use his left. LOLOL. Listen, I don’t *really* care about who the GOAT is. TBH Kareem kinda should be up there too. But what I do mind is the HATE that Lebron gets from the oldheads…except from one oldhead…Mr. Isaiah Thomas. He had some things to say about MJ on Draymond’s podcast, and he’s always been pretty vocal about how MJ lost three series in a row to him and never got past Bird, Magic or Kareem. It is insane to me that those old guys ding Lebron for getting to the finals. It also reminded me of something which is a testament to Lebron’s greatness. That 73-win Warriors team with three HOF players in their prime had to get MF Kevin Durant to get past Lebron. I mean…

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and JFL Free Agency,

    I hope all is well!

    Shouts out to Simone Biles’s husband for getting signed by the Chicago Bears. The real winner here is Simone Biles herself, because now she doesn’t have to catch a connecting flight to the middle of nowhere to see her man play. An athlete of her stature deserves to watch her man play in actual civilization and not whatever a Green Bay is.

    Should the NFL Legend at the Bank Hall Of Fame be named after Sam Bradford, Kirk Cousins or should it share both their names? Sam Bradford walked from giant bag to giant bag so that Kirk Cousins could fucking *fly* away with the money! Falcons putting up 180 mil guaranteed for 36 year old Cap’n Kirk fresh off an Achilles’ tear *after* saying last off-season they had no interest in Lamar Jackson?

    And the Ravens signed Derrick Henry! I learned that 42 on the Ravens, Patrick Ricard, is actually a fullback, not a tight end and is 6’3, 300 lbs. Pray for defenders trying to tackle Derrick Henry cuz unlike the Titans, the Ravens actually use the forward pass.

    It’s gonna suck watching the old “we don’t have money to pay the players” strawman be retired for the new “well if we pay the players then we have to cut women’s sports” argument, but as that where we’re headed after that roundtable earlier this week. It’s horseshit and only the major schools and NCAA have themselves to blame for an unsustainable business model.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows!




    Greetings Rod Karen and Jennessee titans

    Hope all is well with you guys

    NFL free agency is here! We have seen more cut then a knife and waiving then the American flag on breezy day! As a giant fan, I wasn’t surprised to see saquon. Leave and go to the opps (eagles) he has roots there growing up and went to Penn state. He did what he felt was best for him or did he? Word is the Texans, a team he said he wanted to go to, offered the same money but he chose the birds to perhaps stick it to the giants twice a year for not even offering him a contract! Giants have been trending down since that regrettable Daniel jones contract and now looking to move on from him.

    So the titans just signed old gambling ass Calvin Ridley. To a 4 year, 92 million dollar contract! This is after letting aj brown , who is younger and better go, because they didn’t want to pay him 100 million. All they did there was save 8 million and stay mediocre.

    Derrick Henry has joined the ravens and now that squad is definitely looking like win now mode! But on paper everything looks good!

    Lastly. Have you guys noticed the nba refs have patches on their uniforms now? When they speaking in to the camera after a challenge, I saw an Emirates patch on the uniforms. I guess the coaches and water/towel boys are next…

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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