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2921: Disney Debt

Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s Dad to continue the TBGWT Father’s Day tradition. They discuss Caitlin Clark, Disney trip debt, Clarence Thomas, Walmart has new shopping carts, Alex Jones ordered to liquidate assets, IVF protections bill blocked, Southern Baptist convention votes against IVF, Diddy returns key to the city, influencer tries to go viral with racism, WI superintendent speaks on man who accosted him, AZ man plotted mass shooting to start race war, White People News, yoga practicing burglar, pair busted for sex on the beach, former McDonald’s employee robs McDonald’s and sword ratchetness.

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Have you gone into debt to visit a Disney park?


  1. HustleNoFlow

    So Rod, is there some sword/knife training going on w/ your pops, because this is the 2nd blade you’ve given him on the show. Was the last one a big blade?

    I haven’t gone into debt for Disney…..yet. But it was on the agenda before the pandemic hit, and now we’re trying to figure out the timing for the kids. Last time we went to Orlando, we did Legoland instead while the kids were small and saved a grip.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    When Alex Jones first got into trouble, I feared that he might somehow get out of it.
    But he didn’t. Sometimes consequences exist.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    For me, going to a park like Disney is rather stressful and I can do maybe 4 hours and after that it’s over, I need to recharge somewhere quiet. So we go to smaller parks where 4 hours will be enough. For Mr Apia it’s the same.
    Luckily, the kids are happy with it.
    I would never go into debt for this kind of thing, but I’m a well off middle class European who only has debt from buying real estate, and not a lot. Going into debt to consume, the thought alone makes me feel like I can’t breathe.

  4. Norvell

    My wife and I were listening to the show and laughing with the show and my wife was talking about Like You Dad did they say potato salad? It was cool listening as we drove around just to relax on fathers day . . .

  5. EvieE

    I love it when your father comes on. I hope you can do a show with him and your mom together sometime soon, they are a riot.

    There’s no way I will go into debt for Disney and sometimes people who take their young kids there are doing it for themselves and not for the kids because what’s the point in paying all that money for a child who won’t even remember the experience or get on the rides for that matter. A lot of young kids are scared of the characters anyway. I remember going with my family as a teenager and I had a great time because I was a teenager who could experience the park and I made great memories with my family.

    The trad wife who went viral for being racist is someone in desperate need of attention. Before her tik tok got banned she was basically posting a bunch of controversial content like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. A previous post she went viral for was saying that it’s not fair that the weirdos that were bullied in school are running the country to the detriment of “normies” like her. That’s paraphrasing but what does that even mean? I guess since that video didn’t get her enough attention she went full racist. Sad thing for her is she’s gone too far even for the conservative talking heads because they only dog whistle racism so they have plausible deniability so she won’t get on the platforms she desires. It’s kind of like that line in tropic thunder when RDJ is telling Ben Stiller to never go full… well you know the rest. And that’s exactly what she did.

    I’m so confused about Diddy returning the key to the city. What is the reason? I thought it was symbolic anyway, what happens if he didn’t return it can he open a portal to a different dimension? That just sounds stupid. I don’t feel bad for him but I just don’t get him having to return this meaningless symbol. On the other hand, this is justice for Da Band for making them walk all those blocks to Juniors to get cheesecake. Juniors cheese cake is good but not walking in the cold for miles good. Dylan Dylan Dylan

  6. Shoebootie

    The only social media my brother participates in is his fishing group… he will REGULATE on them old whites, they don’t know what to do with the thug fisherman!

    As far as Disney… I don’t wanna. The pressure to do that is a lot with “Keeping up with the Joneses” too, the kids getting influenced, the parents getting FOMO… I’m encouraging my kid to be more interested in actual experiences for travelling. So far, she wants to go to Italy (to eat all the pasta and pizza, respect), and Norway (to ride the Nordland night train and see the northern lights). I’d rather spend $4-10K on a real trip in the real world than go to an artificial place to swelter in all the humidity with shitty ass people and their shitty kids.

  7. matureyounglady@yahoo.com

    My mom took me to Disney when I was four and I remember very little of it. My good friend mentioned taking her family on a Disney cruise and it’s projected to cost 3-4k. I’m all for creating memories but I don’t want go broke doing so. I’d be willing to save for it but I’m not trying to create any more debt.

  8. matureyounglady@yahoo.com

    Happy Father’s Day to Rod’s Dad!! Always enjoy when he’s on. I wasn’t in the live crowd cast, but I wanted to ask him what is his favorite thing about being a dad.

    Rob Schneider need to stfu! He wouldn’t call Will Smith a “twat” to his face. People kill be still harping on the slap. It was wrong, now let’s move on.

  9. Slickbarber

    Hi Rod & Karen this is another great episode. I always enjoy the episodes with your parents. I wanted to comment about the Disney debt. Yes it is real. My wife and I took our daughter to Disney back in April for her 5th birthday. Thank God we did not go in debt and stayed on budget for the trip. Now we were fortunate to stay at my wife’s cousin time share and our cost for lodging was less than $300 at a resort less than 10 minutes from Disney. Tickets to get into the parks and staying on the Disney property is where you can get into some debt.
    My wife, child, and I bought 2 day park pass to where we can visit 2 of the 4 parks. Just for the three of us those tickets were just under $1K. We were also able to save costs as we didn’t eat in the restaurants at the park. Disney allows you to bring in drinks and snacks to the parks. Just looking at the prices in the restaurants for adults it would be $60 at the buffet and $40 for kids. My daughter had a great time and for a birthday gift we did buy Disney Princess makeover where she was able to be made over as a Disney Princess.
    I had a friend who took his family back in January and they stayed at one of the Disney resorts. The resort they stayed at was over $1K per night.
    My wife and I knew we weren’t balling like that and thankfully we weren’t trying to impress anyone. One other way we were able to save on costs was buying Disney souvenirs at the local Walmart in Orlando. They have an entire Disney section and their prices were definitely cheaper than the park prices. Also we bought a few souvenirs on Amazon prior to going to Disney. Amazon sells the Mickey ears about $20 cheaper than at the park.

    Thanks for the great shows and all you do.

  10. RoninRaphael

    Always love hearing your dad on the podcast. I enjoyed his fishing group stories a lot.

    I haven’t been to a Disney park yet, we’re waiting until our kid is 10 or older before heading there (maybe I’ll finally win the lottery I haven’t bought a ticket for). I have a friend who lives about an hour from the one in Florida, he has taken his kid a few times and was always inviting me to come along even before I became a parent. Until you brought up this article about the debt parents are in from going there, I didn’t think anything about my friends words. This article was timely cause my boy is a serial attendee in the off seasons but still I know that it wasn’t cheap going even with military discount. I just happened to visit FL during peak season and he was always encouraging me to visit during off season. I wonder if that makes a huge difference on the pockets, now that I know about this debt issue. I’ll combine my friends knowledge whenever we decide to go.

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