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BDS 273: 341

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Serena Williams at the US Open, Naomi Osaka, Jason Maxiell was cheating, Kaepernick, Greg Lloyd, Lebron to produce NBC comedy, Joseph Randle accused of rape, Andrew Bynum coming back, Larry Nasar new accusations, More Keshia Knight Pullam custody drama, Oscar De La Hoya, Tadd Fujikawa, Allen Iverson owes the IRS, Antonio Brown apologizes, Ric Flair married, Jabari Bird, Nike stock rises, Mayor lifts ban on Nike, Tim Tebow with Ms Universe, Kyrie enrolls in school and Dez Bryant kicked it with Jerry Jones.

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  1. Hey Rod and Jontae Davis

    How bad are the Bills that my man took one last look at the locker room and just rolled on out? At least the Browns got through the whole game before Josh Gordon faked a hamstring injury to get out of town. He worked hard for five years to get out of Cleveland but perseverance pays off! Now we just need to get Johnny Football to New England and the reality show can still live! Maybe he’ll work with Brady’s trainer and he’ll force them to sign him.

    And man, if they don’t stop hitting Cam like that all the time! I caught bits and pieces on Red Zone and I don’t know how y’all do it. I’m tired of commentators telling us how big and strong he is too, that shit don’t matter when he gets hit in the fucking head. They were gunning for him harder than Steve Smith when he sees Michael Irvin.

    P.S. I have to give Justin credit. There’s no proof Lolo Jones and Tebow ever dated, but several friends and teammates did try to set them up, and she went on a twitter rant mad at him for dating non-virgins and sounding pressed like she wanted to. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Allegedly. Justin’s bad reality tv expertise just gave him the sight beyond sight.

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