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BDS 368: Might Have To Switch Up My Stance

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss listener feedback, Ty Lawson kicked out of China, Tyrod Taylor lung punctured by doc, NFL fines coaches for not wearing masks, Celtics and Clippers drama, Emmitt Smith calls out Jerry Jones, how Shaq and Chuck squashed the beef, Robin Given suing Mike Tyson, Lorenzen Wright was killed over money, Colby Covington MAGA fighter, Kaepernick jersey sales, Bubba Wallace racing for MJ, Stafford saw racism, Jason Whitelick, Deion Sanders coaching HBCU, Wings and Pizza, Robert Kraft charges dropped, Mike Wallace appeal denied, KD understands sneaking booty in the bubble, KAT dating Jordyn Woods, TikTok user gets in NBA bubble, Aaron Rodgers subtweets Danica, Vanessa Bryant dispute with mom, Delonte West homeless, IG model lies on NBA player, Magic Johnson get restraining order, Rachel Nichols slams NBA for not honoring RBG, Carson Wentz is sorry, Joel Embiid new baby and Allen Iverson goes off.

BDS 367: MAGA Mike Wallace

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Clippers get roasted, Chiefs fans boo “unity,” Mike Wallace suspended from NASCAR, Richard Sherman on boycotting games, Danuel House drama continues, Isaiah Washington DUI, KD on the Knicks, Conor McGregor sexual assault arrest, BLM protest in the NBA bubble, Kaepernick calls out NFL, Raptors fans make racist petition for Siakam, Nick Saban says all lives matter, Baker Mayfield reverses anthem protest, Aroldis Chapman may have shit himself, Jeff Allen calls out Chiefs fanbase, Rajon Rondo brother kicked out of game, John Wall throwing up gang signs, Tom Brady pre-game sex, Raul Neto exposed by IG model, Tim Tebow charged 50k for church appearances, BJ Foster quits in middle of the game, Odell Beckham Jr doo-doo update, Giannis, Panthers Spanish language broadcaster goes full MAGA, Dan McNeil fired again, Lewis Hamilton a real one, Elin sells mansion, Maya Moore gets married, Big Ten is back, most of LSU’s football team had Covid, 9ers fans get racist in the dms, Mike Ditka being racist, Drew Brees was crying, Floyd Mayweather vs Jake Paul, Steelers protest goes wrong, Houston radio show argument, Carson Wentz petition, Chiefs fan had Covid at the game, woman sues University of Wisconsin and Vanessa Bryant claps back at LA country sheriff.

BDS 366: Groupie’s Tell

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Odell Beckham Jr sex rumor, Kaepernick in Madden, Danuel House Jr messing up the bubble, Djokovic hits line judge with ball, record number of Black women representing US in tennis, Trevor Lawrence social justice tweet, Tomi Lahren / Jay Cutler dating rumor, DeAndre Baker cut from Giants, Quinton Dunbar back at center of robbery case, college football player dies from Covid possibly, Steve Nash addresses white privilege, Kerri Walsh Jennings risking that Rona, virtual Lakers fan shaves, English soccer bubble busted, Von Miller injury, Little Richard opening Monday Night Football, Cowboys fan mad team is allowed to kneel, Bachelor contestant dating Steelers qbs, Kristin Cavallari being petty, Carig Sager’s son is racist, Tony Bruno with some racism, Skip Bayless downplays Dak’s depression, Bubba Wallace leaving Richard Petty Motorsports, NCAA tournament and Josh Bellamy facing federal charges.

BDS 365: Chris Paul’s Balls Against The Wall

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA game 7s, Steve Nash coaching the Nets, Urlacher disavowed by Bears, Lebron and Obama, Mike Irvin had Covid, Kaepernick thanks Lebron, Mets GM, Klay Thompson speaking out against police, FedExForum won’t allow voting, Donovan Mitchell donates to Jacob Floyd family, John Thompson passes, Kendall Jennner and Devin Booker having fun, Jeffrey Lurie embarrassed of Trump, Brittany Matthews gets a ring from Mahomes, NBA activism, DraftKings signs Jordan, Zach Randolph was hacked, Mister Jerry never getting statue back, Hornets fire Focke, Kap nominated to Hall of Fame, Trevor Ariza child abuse accusations,  Cam Newton child support drama, Penn State doctor on Covid and Love Smith’s son is pimping.

BDS 364: Bubble Trouble

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, the NBA strike leads to sports hiatus, Earl Thomas cut by Ravens, Ron Rivera cancer diagnosis, Jerome Bettis racial discrimination suit, Devin Booker is busy, Goodell apologizes to Kaepernick, JR Smith threatens Tory Lanez, Hershel Walker at the RNC, Kemah Siverand apologizes, Renee Garcie in the laundry mat, Shaq hating on Luka’s shot, Al Horford sister being messy, Lay-Off P feeling down in the bubble, Lionel Messi wants out, Dan Snyder cheerleader sexual harassment, Lonzo Ball dating IG model, LaMelo Ball signs with Puma, Tara LaRosa racism, NBA 2k supports BLM, Saints player wear stickers for Jacob Blake, Brian Urlacher racism, Bruce Arians downplays protests, Black NHL players upset by league response, Josh Hader, Mystics make statement in shirts, Jerry Jones protest hopes, Logan Couture punched for supporting Trump, Plaxico OnlyFans and fans wish death on Daisy Jean.

BDS 363: White Ass Pussy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, La’Nae Lillard, Thom Breennaman fired on the air, Warren Sapp goes after JJ Redick, Oakland A’s coach Nazi salute, January Jones thirsting for Kawhi, Big Ten cancels football season, Derrius Guice abuse accusations, Jason Wright hired as first Black team president, Dan Snyder blackmail conspiracy, Jack Flaherty flying IG model out, Brett Favre on kneeling, Devin Booker gets with Kendall Jenner, Kayla Nicole, Brittany Matthews, Anthony Lynn had Covid, WNBA players in NBA 2K21, KD follows hater’s girlfriend on social media, Kemah Siverand cut for sneaking woman into bubble, NBA fires photographer over Kamala Harris hate, Alvin Gentry fired, Divac steps down, Kelly Stafford apologizes for Kaepernick comments, Justin Fields fights for NCAA football, Tristan Thompson baby mama scandal, 49ers hire Chris Foerster, Ujiri tape proves cop pushed him first, man convicted of murder of MJ’s dad to be paroled, Michael Smith development deal, fart caught on hot mic at golf tourney, Adrian Griffin accused of abuse by ex-wife, Hornets suspend radio announcer, DeSean Jackson engaged, Bashaud Breeland rap apology, Joe Kelly wife gets spicy on the gram, AyyyeJae disowned by father for blowbang of the Suns, Al Horford’s sister mad at Brett Brown’s coaching, Lakers will wear Black Mamba jerseys and Coach K says NCAA can’t afford to cancel March Madness in 2021.

BDS 362: A Knee Was Taken

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NCAA athletes organizing, The Rock buys the XFL, NBA bubble holding up, Kelly Loeffler mad at WNBA players, Jon Gruden fake Covid drill, Jonathan Isaac tears ACL, MJ praises Tiger Woods, Nick Kyrgios is feed up, Reese McGuire caught jacking it, Washington Rednecks, Gary Sheffield’s son gets spicy on the bird, OK lawmaker threatens players for kneeling, Lou Will did see some strippers, Michael Beasley, Klay Thompson goes in on Sam Coonrod, Travis Kelce cheating rumors, Jarrett Stidham’s wife bikini, Patrick Mahome’s GF showing off, Kevin Love’s girlfriend topless photo, NFL 2K may be back, Marquise Goodwin, Yoenis Cespedes opts out, Matt Barnes back with his girl, Khloe might be back with Tristan, Matt Stafford false positive, KD defends Kyrie, Danica Patrick trapping again, Dak Prescott write letter to free death row inmate, Bubba Wallace gloating, Jay Cutler deletes Insta, UCONN cancels football, Jalen Hurts, Ray Lewis son transfers, Johnny Manziel’s estranged wife opens OnlyFans and Dak gets DM’d about his girl’s looks.

BDS 361: Justin’s Favorite Cakes

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Lou Williams getting wings, Thibs coaching the Knicks, Joe Kelly the GAWD, Kyrie starts fund for WNBA players, NBA players work around the bubble, Chad Johnson triggers Evelyn, Robin Givens, Lebron helping get out the FL vote, Adam Wainwright, Larsa Pippen gets a bag, Dana Stubblefield found guilty of rape, Mike Ditka racism, Michael Kopech files for divorce, Dwight Howard custody battle, Keisha Knight Pulliam child support battle, Malachi Capers shot, NBA China scandal, Iggy getting roasted on Twitter by Aerial Powers, D Wade not scared of the haters, Washington Football Team gear, Tyson fight PPV price, Patrick Mahomes balling, Naomi Osaka claps back on haters, NCAA to allow athletes to wear social justice messages, Chad Ochocinco played on Viagra, Dak Prescott g/f wishes him happy bday, Wanda Icard on her oral skills, Draymond Green stupid, Woj understands his suspension, Iowa racist, MLB can suspend cheaters, 20-21 NBA season could take place in the bubble, 21 NFL players got that Covid and Michael Porter Jr conspiracy theory.

BDS 360: Jerry Rice On The TikTalk

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA return, Sage Steele mad at black colleagues, Woody Johnson problematic comments, NFL agrees to Covid testing, Dwight Howard is an anti-vaccer, James Harden’s mask mix-up, Patrick Mahomes on his race, Dale Earnhardt Jr plane crash, NASCAR fans boo Bubba Wallace, Danica Patrick, Ed Oliver DWI, Mookie Betts gets paid, Jeremy Roenick sues NBC, Ronael Pierre-Gabriel assaulted and has his car burned, Rachel Bush still at it, Mark Cuban coming to The Cookout™, Stephen Jackson vs Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson apologizes, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr, Seattle Kraken announced, Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson, Antonio Brown demands NFL take him back, Jerry Rice joins TikTok, Jesse Kelly’s racist comments, JR Smith didn’t pack enough draws and Renee Gracie returns to Supercars.

BDS 359: Cameron Tubman

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, an NBA player breaks the bubble, Lebron won’t change jersey, Elena Delle Donne, bombshell Washington sexual harassment report, Rondo roasted, Woj suspened, Kyle Korver, shooting over Penny Hardaway, Steph Curry honors Breonna, Zion case update, Dwight Howard was snitched on, creep records Rachel Nichols, ESPN culture of racism, Art Schlichter, Dolphins have the most Covid, Barkley rips NBA on race, Derrick Henry gets paid, Kenny Stills felony for protesting, Braves racism, Lewis Hamilton supports Kap, Washington logo, Christian McCaffrey, Bruce Smith on Family Fued, Cam Newton video, DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar robbery, Greg Olsen will become announcer, Devin White throwing party, Sage Steele frustrated, IG model on the NBA bubble, Rachel Bush loves Trump over her black family, Santia Deck becomes 1st woman athlete to own shoe company and Travis Kelce living his best life.

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