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BDS 296: #MyApologies

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NFL trades, Lamar Jackson speeding, Russell Westbrook fan debacle, Jose Canseco being messy, Steph Curry surprised 4th grader, Lou Williams sets record, the college admission scandal, Dwight Howard lawsuit, Tristan Thompson, Robert Kraft, Serena Williams on International Women’s Day, Ciara and Russy, James Dolan, Conor McGregor, Dennis Rodman, Dak Prescott dog attack, Malcolm Brogdon, Royce White would return to NBA for free, Penn coach took bribe and WNBA / NBA players talk about racism.

BDS 295: Good Luck Hand Jobs

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, The Shop, Robert Kraft details, Antonio Brown, Tristan still cheating, Kyrie not happy, KD not happy, Lebron refuses to sit, Adam Silver says players aren’t happy, Todd Gurley’s knee, 3 men go to prison for basketball scandal, Draymond says Mark Jackson was right about Steph, Johnny Manziel’s cheating ass wife, Tyreek Hill contract, Kellen Winslow arrested again, David Irving quits, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar raises money for charity, Luke Walton, man fakes kidnapping to avoid bet, Matt Millen was tripping, Brian Urlacher, Roc Thomas, LSU coach cheating and Kyler Murray.

BDS 294: Pussy Trash

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Jason Witten un-retires, Foles franchise tag, Robert Kraft gets in trouble, kid touches Westbrook, Draymond gets engaged, Naomi Osaka fires coach, Nebraska football player charged with revenge porn, Kareem Hunt signs with Browns, Red Sox player not going to White House, Bob Costas taken off Super Bowl coverage, Matt Kuchar, George Shinn being racist, Todd Gurley knee, Knicks might be for sale, Jimmy Butler has 9 year old best friend, All-Star games ratings low, Lebron and Steph on Forbes list, Kareem sells rings, Luke Walton missed team bus, Kyle Kuzma tried to holla at Farrah Abraham, Gloria Govan avoids jail, Pacman Jones arrested, Tristan Thompson, No Chill Gil is back, Micheal Beasley Instagram post, Demaryius Thomas arrested, NFL replay, Serena cartoon ruled not racist, Randy Gregory, Manziel released from Canada, Luka says play in Europe, David West, Mike Bibby fired, Anthony Martial cheating, rare MJ shoe found, man steals from NFL players and gets 2 years and MMA fighter wanted for murder found.

BDS 293: Third Trimester Trystin Thot Thirst

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Tristan Thompson back on these hoes, Steph Curry, Manny Machado gets paid, Kaepernick gets settlement, Antonio Brown, Adam Silver on the Mavs, Serena in the top 10 again, Dell Demps fired, Michael Sam regrets coming out, store closes after boycotting Nike, Tamba Hall on racism, Jahleel Addae toasts to light skinned babies, Alonzo getting a divorce and Jim Boeheim kill man on interstate.

BDS 292: Suspend Terrance J

Rod and John to discuss listener feedback, Melo gets back with La La, LaVar Ball selling water, Steph Curry sells mansion, Cubs ownership racism, Antonio Brown domestic dispute, Foles leaving, Wentz, KD doesn’t trust the media, Tom Brady, 6ers trade and the All Star weekend rosters.

BDS 291: Dell Demps Pick Up The Phone!

This episode is short because Justin won’t let the Mariah Carey hate go. Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA free agency, the Super Bowl, Kobe / TMac interview, Brandon Browner blames CTE, Anthony Davis daddy, Dodger fan killed by foul ball, Tristan Thompson and Harrison Barnes.

BDS 290: The New Orleans Petty-cans

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Anthony Davis demands trade, Porzingis gets traded, Kyrie might go to the Lakers, Octavia Spencer helped by Lebron, NFL umpire with controversial history, Durant to honor Collison, Naomi Osaka won, Austin Watson, Josh Gordon, Clemson’s black players skipped McCookout, Butler to see specialist for hand, sex trafficking ring busted before Super Bowl, Alex Smith could miss 2019, Lebron’s camp out on Walton, Trevor Bates, Rams-Saints lawsuit, Warriors met with Obama, Penny Hardaway says other coaches are jealous, Kaepernick collusion case, Melvin Gordon waiting on Bell, TCU new unis, Ainge says drama more interesting than basketball, Maroon 5 cancels presser and Trump praises Pats.

BDS 289: #DP

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, the Browns disorganization, NFL conference championships, Barkley trashes 6ers, All Star voting for NBA, Cam denies being told he couldn’t get a tattoo, Future disses Russell Wilson, Tony Dungy on racist announcing, Victor Page arrested, Gladys Knight on the Super Bowl Anthem, Wentz is selfish, Ayesha Curry on marriage, Torey Smith destroys his son in Madden, Dan Snyder yacht, Cam Newton gets surgery, Cousins, KD opens after-school educational center, Florida State deletes MLK tweet, Big Ben extension, Cole Beasley mad, Jill McCluskey contacted campus police about ex, NFLPA supports teacher’s union in LA, Raven extend coach, Teyana Taylor threesome rumor, Maria Sharapova bathroom break and measles at an NBA game.

BDS 288: Factory Model Kardashian

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Serena Williams, Kyrie apologizes to Bron, Travis Scott talked with Kaepernick, Davidson won’t retire Steph’s jersey, John Elway disses Vance Joseph, Adrian Peterson speeding, Rooney Rule tweaks, Patrick McCaw, Stephen A trolls Cowboys fans, Cam could sit a year, Tony Beckham beats up pervert, Dennis Smith Jr on the trading block, Shumpert didn’t want that smoke, TCU cop prank, Popovich not sure if he’s still coaching, Lauren Sanchez getting bags, Terrell Owens petty, Maori Davenport, Bill Vinovich, Cody Parkey, Blake Griffin settles with baby mama and Khloe might get pregnant again.

BDS 287: Saving The Dick For Marriage

Rod and Justin are joined by Dominic Rivera to discuss listener feedback, Arian Foster, Kobe’s 4th child, Cam Newton holiday card, Jon Gruden firing people, Winston will return as QB, MJ doesn’t want to be the GOAT, shooting over HS basketball, Matt Patricia, Amar’e divorce, Reuben Foster charges dropped again, Derrick Rose comments, Patrick McCaw, Manny Machado, Chandler Parson beef with Memphis, Walton wants more from young Lakers, Wiggins, Lonzo Ball deadbeat joke, Jerry Jone yacht, Darryl Strawberry against weed, Enes Kanter can’t leave the US, Eric Reid wasn’t targeted by league, Cousins will start for Warriors, Jen Rainwater goes in on people, Tim Tebow is engaged, Antonio Brown, OBJ, Serena on her husband, Kyrie dating his friend’s ex, Chelsea fans are rapey and Ronaldo’s DNA requested by police.

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