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BDS 311: Kawhi’s Best Friend

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Kawhi goes to the Clippers, Westbrook traded for Chris Paul, Silver wants to curb tampering, Elin Nordegren pregnant, Big Papi shooting update, Kaepernick gets Nike to pull shoe, Ezekiel Elliot, Emmett Till, Durant, Melo not in the league, NFL pulls full time ref program, Melvin Gordon wants to get paid, Stephen A capping for owners, Albert Haynesworth needs kidney, Serena, Warriors retiring jerseys, Russ and Ciara celebrate 3 years, Jimmy Butler, Kyle Kuzma and Kendall Jenner, NC State in trouble, Chris Herndon suspended for DUI, Dwight Gooden coke possession, Redskins culture, Rapino vandalism and Kendrick Norton.

BDS 310: Getting To The Money

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NBA free agency, woman with Melo identified, Lou Williams supports Lebron, Iggy says Mark Jackson is black balled, Jalen McDaniels, NFL girlfriend quits job because of racism, cop lied on Masai and Coco Gauff defeats Venus.

BDS 309: Boston Racist? WHAAAAAAA?

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Melo caught creeping, Drew Brees lawsuit, Space Jam 2, Gordon Hayward drama, Joel wants Tobias back, Raptors white house visit, Venus Williams breaks up with boyfriend, Kyrie didn’t like living in Boston, Kobe and Vanessa 4th child, Rodman on Draymond, David Ortiz out of ICU, Adrien Broner, Luol Deng, Ayesha sends nudes to Steph, Tristan Thompson update, shorter NBA schedule, CP3 denies trade rumors, Nets want KD bad, Knicks fined for banning newspaper, NCAA tightening transfer rules, Cal colleges vs NCAA, KC Radio host goes at Andy Reid and Brady mentored Josh Gordon, Mavs want to give Kristops the max, Trump disses Rapino and Dez Bryant defends Lavar Ball.

BDS 308: Switching Gears

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback,  Lavar Ball banned from ESPN, Kemba would take less than the Super Max, Kellen Winslow was jerking at work, Pat Bowlen dies, shooting at Raptors parade, Anthony Davis trade, Masai Ujiri, Rod Smart found, Serena Williams doing Olympia’s hair, David Ortiz shooter was paid 7,800, UEFA president arrested, Stafford played with a broken back, Todd Gurley’s knee, Sixers shouldn’t sign Jimmy, D Wade on supporting his son and a bonus hour of just Karen and Justin shooting the shit.

BDS 307: Bored-Man

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, the NBA Finals, Durant’s injury, Paul Pierce shit himself, Khloe heartbroken over Tristan, Warriors minority owner banned, Lavar Ball, Nicole Curran, KG getting a divorce, Carl Crawford signed Megan Thee Stallion, Derrick Tucker taco fight, Le’Veon Bell robbed, Neymar accuser speaks, Carson Wentz gets big extension, Big Papi gets shot by assassins, Kyrie is a free agent, Alden Smith arrested again, Tony Joiner accused of murder, Tony Parker retires, Kellen Winslow convicted of rape, Rich Paul says Celtics shouldn’t waste time on AD, Cavs hire woman assistant coach, Paul Pierce CBD company, Raiders on Hard Knocks and Ayesha Curry.

BDS 306: Lamar Hoe’d Em

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Tyreke Evans suspended, Lamar Odom’s book, Pelinka be lying, Zeke Elliot handcuffed, KD vs Broussard, Chris Long retires, Porzingis, Tedd Ginn Jr race challenge, Tyreek Hill, Alexis joins the Natural Hair Group,  Anthony Davis news, NFLPA says prepare for lockout, Incognito back, Dan Gilbert stroke, Bronny’s IG, D Rose says Jimmy Butler is a weirdo, Scottie Pipping sues a child, Bill Buckner dies, Andy Ruiz, Rivers fined, Marvin Lewis joins Herm, minor league team attacks AOC, Caster Semenya, Russell Wilson, Toronto fan gets death threats, Giannis wants everyone back, D Wade memoir coming, NBA west coast start times, NCAA 3 point line and Kyrie comes back to the gram.

BDS 305: Jimmy Butler Ruined The 6ers

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid gets support after crying, Chris Paul, 2 Chainz minority ownership in Hawks G-League, Knicks thirsty as hell, Tristan petty on Mother’s Day, Josh Jackson arrested, Anthony Davis still wants out, Tiger named in lawsuit, NCAA explores paying players, Terry Bradshaw racial slip up, Drake using the curse, Paul Pierce sued, Peterson suspended, NBA free agency, Zion’s not going back to Duke, no punishment for soccer racism and Ayesha Curry.

BDS 304: JPP Loses His Grip

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Lakers front office, Kyrie, D’Angelo Russell caught with weed, white power at the Cubs game, Clemson’s Steve Smith fired, Seth Curry talking shit, Dennis Rodman accused of stealing, North Korea, Richard Sherman is cool with Bosa, Georgia sprinter injured, Zach Smith arrested again, BBB is back, Silver wants women to ref and coach, Danica Patrick gets a drink, college trial convictions and Lebron donates a milly!

BDS 303: The Jackie Robinson of Fun

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Baylor going to the White House, UVA declines White House, Pop signing 3 years deal, Sabrina film, Tim Anderson, Melo will consider Knicks, Cam having another baby, Pacers getting bread, Tiger going to the White House, The Wades cover funeral cost for Nigel Shelby, Tyreek Hill, Monty Williams, Marshawn could un-retire, NFL prospect shot, Caster Semenya, Dame and cricket player gets 5 years for rape.

BDS 302: Layoff P

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Tyreek Hill audio released, Tim Anderson suspended, WNBA gets CBS deal, Lebron and Kerr react to video, Russell Wilson gift to linemen, Ex-NFL player and wife murdered, OBJ rants against Giants, Magic Johnson was CC’d on a bad email, Luke Walton sexual assault investigation, Magic’s daughter reveals scars, Antonio Brown threatens Ryan Clark, Nick Bosa, Rodney Peete sued, Tom Coughlin warned, D Wade in high demand, Robert Kraft video evidence sealed, Kyler Murray makes history, Dwight Howard countersues, McNabb not apologizing, Dabo Swinney gets the bag and Klay Thompson goes on a date.

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