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BDS 273: 341

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Serena Williams at the US Open, Naomi Osaka, Jason Maxiell was cheating, Kaepernick, Greg Lloyd, Lebron to produce NBC comedy, Joseph Randle accused of rape, Andrew Bynum coming back, Larry Nasar new accusations, More Keshia Knight Pullam custody drama, Oscar De La Hoya, Tadd Fujikawa, Allen Iverson owes the IRS, Antonio Brown apologizes, Ric Flair married, Jabari Bird, Nike stock rises, Mayor lifts ban on Nike, Tim Tebow with Ms Universe, Kyrie enrolls in school and Dez Bryant kicked it with Jerry Jones.

BDS 272: Not That I Would Say That

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Kaepernick signing with Nike, Le’Veon Bell hold out, Gloria Govan arrested, Braylon Edwards suspended, Pitino not coaching, Kerry Perry resigns, Ray Allen HOF, Grant Hill snitching on Shaq, Zach Smith spilling the tea, Erik Kramer wants marriage annulled, Jr Smith turns himself in, Jae Crowder catches his girl cheating, gambling could help NFL, Rutgers players arrested in credit card scam, Carl Crawford expecting new baby, Rockets trade, Urban Meyer coaching practice, LeSean McCoy will play, Earl Thomas ends hold out, Browns players had a rape happen in their apartment, Greg Bird daddy is spicy, Melo slapped with temporary restraining order, Winston might not start, GPA lowered for high school athletes and Baylor infiltrated sexual assault survivor groups.

BDS 271: Pla-ket, Pla-ket, Pla-ket, Pla-ket!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, The Shop, Jason Whitlock, WNBA salaries, Trump disses CBS and ESPN, Texas A&M QB snitching, Ben McLemore cooning, Serena’s catsuit is banned, Nick Young arrested, Tiger Woods respects Trump, Shaq curved by Shaunie, OBJ gets paid, Madden tournament shot up, Iggy Azalea not dating Jimmy Butler, Steph Curry on the gender pay gap, Mychal Kendricks, Dez Bryant low balled by Browns, Jerry Jones wants longer season, JD Martinez instagram post, Jemele Hill, Matt Barnes, Jerry Richardson could be tip of the iceberg, Bucks support Sterling Brown, Walt Frazier shits on Durant, Michelle Beadle leaving “Get Up” with the bag, Kristin Cavallari, Gronk gets new deal, NFL approves casinos as sponsors, Ramsey will not play for Cowboys, Tony Dungy wants Jalen Ramsey to dial it down, Manu retires, NBA partnership with NCAA, NBA players can wear any color shoe now, Bell not heading by by Labor Day, US Open sexist dress code, Tom Herman at the strip club, Bosh wants to return, Michigan State cleared of all wrong doing, David West retires and an Olympic champion warns against Wags app.

BDS 270: Urban Decay

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Ohio State scandal, Oscar Robertson selling ring, Tristan vacays with Khloe, D Wade mad at Jimmy Butler, Matt Barnes being toxic, Lamar Odom, Jim Brown defends Trump, NBA therapy, RPI being replaced with NET, Serena tops female athlete earnings, Simone Biles gets all the gold, Tiger vs Phil, Knicks fan sells fanhood, Ginobili might retire, Big 3 awards, ESPN scared of politics, Frederick diagnose, Texan cheerleader scandal, AD says he’s not too old, Bob Lamey said the n-word, Maryland wants to honor Jordan McNair, Incognito arrested, Raptors try to trick Kawhi, Klay’s daddy messing up the price, Aaron Hernandez and baseball news.

BDS 269: Paying People With Shoes

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, JJ Redick stumbles onto some human trafficking, Kaepernick, Tiger back, Maryland scandal, Jalen Ramsey talking shit, Pitino’s lawsuit dismissed, Randy Moss receives hate  mail, Kobe inspired the Big 3, fan sneaks into Steelers practice, LeSean McCoy being sued, Melo to the Rockets, James Harden named in police report, Fred Williams fired, Callaway played pre-season game, Lonza Ball commercial, Brandon Phillips says he didn’t get paid from JBA, Bruce Bowen, Wade will only play for the Heat, Dak’s daddy arrested, Dwight wants to shoot jumpers, IT calls Cleveland a shithole, Elon Musk building tunnel to Dodgers stadium, Feds looking into Ohio State, Zach Smith wants his job back, Lindsey Harding, police union boycotting Dolphins, Tom Herman, Sean Smith gets early release, Josh Norman says ignore Trump, Josh Norman jealous of QBs money, Foles injured, Manziel placed in concussion protocol and Gotsis not charged in rape case.

BDS 268: Jared Dudley The LightSkinned God!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Ray Lewis’ HOF speech,  Kelvin Benjamin pops off, MJ supports Lebron, MJ’s charity contributions, Melo speaks up for Puerto Rico, Kaepernick’s name taken out of song on Madden, Steven Adams beefs with Reggie Jackson, Ohio State rally for Urban Meyer, Dak doubles down, Darren Sharper wants reduced sentence, OJ, Zay Jones, NBA X-mas games, Chris Paul donates to his college, NBA players react to Trump’s tweet, Manziel horrible in CFL, NC players suspended, Sendejo hat, Oakley was caught cheating in Vegas, Lebron producing docu-series, Brian France DUI, Steph Curry, WNBA game canceled, Antonio Callaway, Aaron Rodgers wants NFL to have NBA salary cap, Incognito, Joe Simpson racist, NFL still taking a knee, NCAA rule change, NFL getting male cheerleaders, OBJ spending money on teeth jewels, Lance Armstrong in a crash, Arenas explains gun drama, TO, Ball State keeping Papa John, NFL refs calling helmet penalties and Lebron for secretary of education.

BDS 267: Faithful Island

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Lebron opens a school, Dak and Zeke back up Jerry Jones, Tristan mushed Draymond, Urban Meyer placed on leave, Tristan roasted on Insta, Dwight Howard, Live 19 intros ability to create female players, Tom Benson’s ugly estate battle, Lebron regrets giving son his name, Clark Kent, Terrence Williams cleared of all charges, D Rose college scholarship program, Ben Gordon pleads no contest, Blake Griffin child support settlement, Melo gets his money, TO disses Jerry Jones, Drummond wants to shoot threes, Shawne Merriman bare knuckle boxing, Florida player stopped with AR-15 in car, JR Smith throws a fan’s phone, Sean Newcomb has some old tweets, Jameis has grown and learned, Bryce Love, Gloria Govan sued, Lindsey Ok’s old tweets, Adrien Broner, Roquan Smith, NFL helmet rule, Austin Watson, Vernon Butler, baseball players hugging and Megan Denise.

BDS 266: What’s Going On At The Top Of Things

Rod and Justin are joined by Audrey to discuss listener feedback, Durant gets spicy on CJ McCollum, Ricky Seals-Jones arrested, NFL and NFLPA meeting on kneeling, owners on kneeling, Tom Brady’s dad bod, Julio Jones might hold out, James Harrison on Tomlin, Serena Williams news, Derozan,  OBJ says he’s being extorted, Melo to the Hawks, 50 Cent beefing with Floyd, new NFL sexual harassment suit, Dwight for the HOF, D Wade to China offer, Lamar Odom involved in Hooters shooting, Justin Watkins domestic charges, man impersonates Bruins owner, Vince to the Hawks, Josh Gordon to miss camp, Beasley to Lakers, Steph to Hollywood, Jerome Allen took a bribe, Ryan Lochte gets suspened, Michigan State racist back on the team and Clemson has a striptease video leak.

BDS 265: Player Hader

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Derozan traded for Kawhi, Baylor tried to blame black athletes, Randy Moss disses Shannon Sharpe, Louisville players want to sue NCAA, Gabby Union on colorism, JBA coach, Kellen Winslow Jr posts bail, Steve Keim, Khloe don’t want to look a fool, Kawhi might attend Team USA camp, TO HOF, KG getting a divorce, Josh Rosen’s dumb ass idea on NCAA, Jurrell Casey will protest, LeSean McCoy update, Dwight Howard defends himself, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman mad at Seahawks, concussions expected to cost NFL more, UNC coach denies CTE is linked to concussions, NFL teams made record revenue, Kansas FBI investigation, Millennial Night, Lebron and KD go to a bar, Garoppolo goes out with a porn star and 2 NBA players go paid.

BDS 264: So That’s Why They Call Him Shady

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Papa John resigns, A’ja Wilson on NBA pay gap, LeSean McCoy accused of setting up ex, David Tepper keeping statue of Mister, Ben Simmons says he’s being stalked by Tinashe, Maria Sharapova losing, Serena winning, concussions, KD goes in a kid’s DMs, Brandon Browner charged with attempted murder, Barry Cofield arrested on that heroin, AJ Francis mother’s ashes spilled, LiAngelo joins JBA, Lebron, D Rose earns money from shoes, Kim K wants Tristan Thompson to unblock her, Becky Hammon promoted, Floyd Mayweather Sr having a kid, Marcus Smart, Pacman delivers the fade, Kermit Washington going to prison, Jeff Fisher, Lamar Odom going to China, one and done must go in NBA, Billy Knight, Kellen Winslow in court, Shaq meets his crush, NFLPA files grievance, NBA free agency will begin sooner next year and Cardinals president wants players to shut up.

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