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BDS 320: Ryan Clark Was Right!

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NFL trades, the Curry’s buy a house, Alabama wants to monitor student football attendance, NBA against tampering, Giants may have violated concussion protocol, MJ selling part of Hornets, Bernie thinks Lebron is better than MJ, Antonio Brown news, Raptors partner with Nike for Hijabs, Lavar vs Lonzo, Felipe Vasquez arrested for child solicitation, Kap’s agent is contacting teams, Kellen Winslow’s wife divorcing him, Joel Embiid lost weight, Lebron thanks his wife, UVA qb thanks gender studies prof, Saints will have 2 qbs Sunday, Cam still in walking boot, Rick Pitino, NY wins WNBA lottery, Shumpert turns down contract, Magic extend Fultz, NHLPA won’t opt out of CBA, MLB won’t let Mets wear 9/11 hats and the Wade’s donate to LBGTQ charity.

BDS 319: Shuckin’ And Jivin’ Ribs

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Antonio Brown, The Cleveland Browns, Joakim gets engaged, Mike Scott knocks some heads, Duke found no evidence on Zion, Kawhi Leonard’s sister accused of murder, Drew Brees Focus on Family ad, Cam Newton can catch, Team USA lost, NBA agents boycotting NCAA certification exam, OBJ’s watch, Tristan Thompson messy, Ninja-style headwear banned in NBA, MJ donates to Bahama’s hurricane relief, the Wades don’t celebrate Santa, Kobe leaves messed up IG post about kid’s team, Browns ban the wrong fan, Joe Johnson back in the NBA, Lebron can’t secure Taco Tuesday, Emanuel “Book” Richardson, Durant interview in WSJ, Iggy can’t get bought out, Lebron says AD can be the focus, Shaun Livingston retires and a new name proposed for the Heat arena.

BDS 318: Catsuit Alert!

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Lonzo Ball admits his shoes were trash, Chris Paul in the body issue, Lebron tries to trademark Taco Tuesday, Coco Gauff, DeAndre Hopkins on Bob McNair, Marcellus Wiley still on Kaepernick’s ass, Melo, Goff gets paid, Brissett gets paid, Kobe on Shaq, NBA ownership, Antonio Brown and should elite black athletes go to HBCU’s?

BDS 317: The Effeminate Agenda

Rod and Justin listener feedback, Brian Flores plays Jay-Z at practice, Zeke won’t be charged, FIFA’s new anti-racism rule, Steph paying for Howard golf team, David Blatt diagnosed with MS, Freddie Gibbs and Marcellus Wiley diss Kaepernick, Antonio Brown’s disgruntled chef, Jermaine Dupri says Jay-Z didn’t discourage NFL deal, Westbrook charity, Patrick Chung coke charge, Kawhi donates backpacks, Luke Walton cleared, Andrew Luck retires, Desmond Howard curses on live TV, La-La, Barry Bennett and wife found dead, Le’Ron McClain pleads for help, DeMarcus Cousin’s has warrant issued for him, Ryan Russell comes out as bi, Chandler gets suspended for PEDs, HS sports participation down, Gronk, Clowney, KD and Kyrie want Melo, Tiger gets surgery, extended NFL play-offs, Big Papi looking for the real shooter, Larry Johnson goes full hotep, Duke in the Chick Fil-A bowl, Mateen Cleaves video and Simone Biles brother arrested.

BDS 316: The KneeHive

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Simone Biles criticizes USAG then breaks records, Jay-Z deal with NFL, Cousins may have torn ACL, NBA 2k WNBA sexism, Antonio Brown helmet-gate, NBA mental health, Darius Philon released, 50 Cent vs Mayweather again, Sebastian Telfair goes to prison, Rich Paul rule withdrawn, A-Rod robbed, Brittney Griner suspended, black lacrosse player files lawsuit, Russ and Cici invest in MLS, Antonio Brown sued by chef, US Soccer hires lobbyist to justify low pay for women, Lowry bows out of FIBA, Arenas on Vince, NLFPA issues work stoppage guide, Stills vs Stephen Ross, Pop on Kaepernick, Jamison hired by Wizards, Joseph Tsai buys Nets and Dak asking for money.

BDS 315: Antonio Brown Gets Cold Feet

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Melo not allowed on Team USA, Josh Gordon files for reinstatement, NFL diversity, Thorbjorn Olesen, Draymond gets paid, Zenit racist banner, Brady re-ups, Warren Moon settles, Deante Strickland, David Griffin, Ben Simmons racially profiled, Christmas NBA schedule, DJ Cooper tests positive for pregnancy, Hall of Fame inductions, Chris Brown in the NBA, Elliott could hold out all of 2019, Tim Beckham, Haslem returning for 17th season, Antonio Brown, Magic’s vacation budget, Kenny Stills calls out team owner, Jalen Ramsey used to DM people’s girls, Kuzma confidence, KD interview, Beasley suspended, Kemba on the Hornets, Jasmin Sanders, Michael Barisone and MSU.

BDS 314: Let Lebron Dunk

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, running back hold outs, Kerr complains about Anthony Davis, Lorenzen Wright’s ex pleads guilty, Li-Ning shoes, Scottie sued by sidechick, Tyreek Hill says he was teaching son to box, Steph responds to Trump, Lamar Odom not finished, Jeremy Lin sad about his status in NBA, Saints lawsuit, Tristan wants that old thang back, La La says Melo disrespected by Team USA, a HS football tryout puts kids in hospital, Davis Ortiz out of hospital, Luck hurt again, Caster Semenya not allowed to race, Neymar has rape charges dismissed, Melo final season, Juju gives fan season tickets, OJ says Jerry better pay Zeke, Zion, Pierre Thomas gets paid, FIFA adding more women’s teams to world cup, Jill Ellis resigning and Trevor Bauer apology.

BDS 313: Robot Umpires

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Adrian Peterson broke, CP3 wants to help players with finances, Zion signs with Jordan Brand, Dan Le Batard goes in, Tyreek Hill not suspended, Natasha Howard accused of stabbing her wife, Chris Paul contract, Harbaugh disses Urban Meyer, Darren McFadden DUI, Shawne Merriman sued over death, Cristiano Ronaldo faces no charges, NBA investigating free-agency deals, Beal extensions, John Wall might not play, DePaul probation, robot umpires, Mark Sanchez going to the booth, Tim Duncan assistant coach, Jarran Reed suspended, Greg Hardy wins fight, Melvin Gordan not going to training camp, LSU locker room, Cowboys most valuable team, boxer dies, Jalen Ramsey, and Dwight Gooden.

BDS 312: A Rich Forgotten MF

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Chris Paul, injuries in the NBA, Hue Jackson, Peyton Manning turned down MNF, Herrera suspension, Tedy Bruschi stroke, Tyshon Dye, Raptors rejected a trade, Zubac staying with Clips, Damian Lillard claps back at Uncle Shannon, Malik McDowell fights a cop, Pernell Whitaker killed by cop, Stephen Jackson talking shit, NFL wants new CBA before season, TX cops apologize but not really, Mark Cuban fined, Ezekiel Elliott, Serena and Mark Cuban invest in company, Rich Paul inks major Hollywood deal, Dwight Howard interviews, Desmond Harrison arrest warrant, Kam Moore arrested, Steph defends Ayesha, Jared Dudley, Kap’s commercial nominated for Emmy, JR Smith waived, Pumpsie Green dies, Riquna Williams and Zion sued for 100 million.

BDS 311: Kawhi’s Best Friend

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Kawhi goes to the Clippers, Westbrook traded for Chris Paul, Silver wants to curb tampering, Elin Nordegren pregnant, Big Papi shooting update, Kaepernick gets Nike to pull shoe, Ezekiel Elliot, Emmett Till, Durant, Melo not in the league, NFL pulls full time ref program, Melvin Gordon wants to get paid, Stephen A capping for owners, Albert Haynesworth needs kidney, Serena, Warriors retiring jerseys, Russ and Ciara celebrate 3 years, Jimmy Butler, Kyle Kuzma and Kendall Jenner, NC State in trouble, Chris Herndon suspended for DUI, Dwight Gooden coke possession, Redskins culture, Rapino vandalism and Kendrick Norton.

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