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BDS 305: Jimmy Butler Ruined The 6ers

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid gets support after crying, Chris Paul, 2 Chainz minority ownership in Hawks G-League, Knicks thirsty as hell, Tristan petty on Mother’s Day, Josh Jackson arrested, Anthony Davis still wants out, Tiger named in lawsuit, NCAA explores paying players, Terry Bradshaw racial slip up, Drake using the curse, Paul Pierce sued, Peterson suspended, NBA free agency, Zion’s not going back to Duke, no punishment for soccer racism and Ayesha Curry.

BDS 304: JPP Loses His Grip

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Lakers front office, Kyrie, D’Angelo Russell caught with weed, white power at the Cubs game, Clemson’s Steve Smith fired, Seth Curry talking shit, Dennis Rodman accused of stealing, North Korea, Richard Sherman is cool with Bosa, Georgia sprinter injured, Zach Smith arrested again, BBB is back, Silver wants women to ref and coach, Danica Patrick gets a drink, college trial convictions and Lebron donates a milly!

BDS 303: The Jackie Robinson of Fun

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Baylor going to the White House, UVA declines White House, Pop signing 3 years deal, Sabrina film, Tim Anderson, Melo will consider Knicks, Cam having another baby, Pacers getting bread, Tiger going to the White House, The Wades cover funeral cost for Nigel Shelby, Tyreek Hill, Monty Williams, Marshawn could un-retire, NFL prospect shot, Caster Semenya, Dame and cricket player gets 5 years for rape.

BDS 302: Layoff P

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Tyreek Hill audio released, Tim Anderson suspended, WNBA gets CBS deal, Lebron and Kerr react to video, Russell Wilson gift to linemen, Ex-NFL player and wife murdered, OBJ rants against Giants, Magic Johnson was CC’d on a bad email, Luke Walton sexual assault investigation, Magic’s daughter reveals scars, Antonio Brown threatens Ryan Clark, Nick Bosa, Rodney Peete sued, Tom Coughlin warned, D Wade in high demand, Robert Kraft video evidence sealed, Kyler Murray makes history, Dwight Howard countersues, McNabb not apologizing, Dabo Swinney gets the bag and Klay Thompson goes on a date.

BDS 301: Corny QB Swag

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, Russell Wilson contract, Tiger Woods is back, Tyreek Hill, Jalen Mills vs Devin Robinson, Anthony Davis, Magic Johnson joining up with Ice Cube, Michael Vick teen center, Khloe and Tristan, Gloria Govan, AAF bankruptcy, Ravens owner gives 100k to burned black churches, Coughlin mad, Lakers meeting with Lue, Embiid elbow, Raiders, Robert Kraft vid for sale, Brian Banks accused of rape again, Matt Barnes fights a troll online, Gronk put a dent in trophy, Breanna Stewart injured overseas and Joyce Vieira.

BDS 300: Big Sad Magic Johnson

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Magic Johnson leaving the Lakers, Lakers news, Sylvia Hatchell details, Antonio Brown going after JuJu, D Rose would return to Chicago, Reebok vs Bey, Sixers hire first female coach, Nike accused of bribing college players, Lebron’s school is doing well, John Football, Demarcus Cousins, 50 trolls Floyd, LaVar Ball, Fournette arrested, Steelers bickering, John Wall may not return next year, reducing NBA games, Jamal Crawford goes for 50, Cierre Wood arrested for murder of a child, Robert Kraft video, Muffet McGraw goes in, Kyle Korver is Woke and a dick grabbing celebration.

BDS 299: No Racism For Redskins

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Porzingis accused of sexual assault, AAF shutting down, Tristan slides in under aged DMs, Serena helping black women, Ice Cube wins lawsuit, Lakers ask Lebron to stop acting up, Conor McGregor, no tolerance for racial slurs at Redskins games, Micheal Bennett case dropped, Geno mad he can’t abuse players, Bey signs with Adidas, Ball family news, Lakers shut Lebron down, Kyle Guy’s wedding registry, Soccer racism, Lenny Dykstra pleads guilty, Russell Wilson contract, Mike McCarthy mad and A Rod cheating on J-Lo.

BDS 298: Big Baller Scam

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, the beatings of Ed from college, Big Baller Brand missing money, Gronk retires, Monica getting divorced, extended replay challenges in the NBA, Khloe and Tristan, Conor McGregor accused of sexual assault, Avenatti accused of extorting Nike, Serena’s cat suit is legal, Andrew Caldwell files restraining order against Broner, Cam Newton gave up orgasms for March, Robert Kraft apologizes, Tim Hardaway still paying for homophobia, Teanna Trump, Antonio Brown messy, Kidd to Lakers, Jordan Bell suspended, Simone Biles opens up about abuse, Raptors think they’re keeping Kawhi, La La staring in Netflix xmas movie, Australian footballer harassed, Shaq down with Papa John’s, The Wilsons will speak to the NFL owners wives meeting, NBA game in France, Floyd Mayweather vs Shantel Jackson, AAF wants young football players and Schiano resigns.

BDS 297: Shocking News

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Tom Izzo harasses player, Brandon Ingram gets surgery, David Irving, Giannis on being the face of the NBA, Tyreek Hill investigated for child abuse, Blake Griffin called boy, Kevin Durant’s adopted brother is killed, Adrien Broner threatens gay people cause Andre Caldwell slid in his DMs, fining players for going after fans, Kraft handjob-gate update, Gettleman defends trade, Nick Young baby, Yale soccer coach caught up in bribe scandal, Peyton Manning announcing offer, Dirk passes Wilt, Panthers lineman knocked out at the club, Juventus won’t tour US and coach and wife die on baseball field.

BDS 296: #MyApologies

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NFL trades, Lamar Jackson speeding, Russell Westbrook fan debacle, Jose Canseco being messy, Steph Curry surprised 4th grader, Lou Williams sets record, the college admission scandal, Dwight Howard lawsuit, Tristan Thompson, Robert Kraft, Serena Williams on International Women’s Day, Ciara and Russy, James Dolan, Conor McGregor, Dennis Rodman, Dak Prescott dog attack, Malcolm Brogdon, Royce White would return to NBA for free, Penn coach took bribe and WNBA / NBA players talk about racism.

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