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BDS 439: Dick Riders

Rod, Justin and Karen are joined by Dominic Rivera of The Mind Of Dom podcast to discuss Darius Cooks, Kevin Samuels, listener feedback, NBA playoffs, Baker Mayfield, Ben Simmons has back surgery, Stephen A Smith news, DeAndre Hopkins suspended 6 games for PED violation, Kaepernick, Trevor Bauer suspended, Brittney Griner update, Phil Mickelson gambling loses, Lakers won’t trade Lebron, Ryan Clark refused to work with Sage Steele, Westbrook not speaking to Perkins, NIL Lamborghini deal, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke abusive behavior, Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown disses Kap, Jalen Rose opens up about divorce, Magic Johnson joining bid for Broncos, Brian Kendrick apologizes for Holocaust comments, Browns sent cease and desist to Hue Jackson, Earl Thomas arrest warrant, OBJ breaks the internet with his fiance and publicist and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!

BDS 438: Airport Debates

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, The Nets, NBA play-offs, Sage Steele suing ESPN, Pat Bev being annoying, Cowboys player a suspect in murder, Yaya Mayweather pleads guilty, Wayne Ellington threatens player, Chanel Iman moving on, Sunday Ticket moving to Apple TV, player cut for wanting pizza, NFL wants Christmas triple header, Bears player arrested with son in the car, Ben Simmons working people’s nerves, Cam Newton addresses sexist comments, Vince Wilfork’s son guilty, Denny Hamlin posts offensive tweet, Deebo Samuel wants a trade, sex worker offers first pick of NFL draft the draws, Royce White running for congress, Kenyon Dooling arrested, Shailene Woodley breaks up with Aaron Rodgers again, Amazon wants Black Friday football, Chris Balls is back at it, Russell Westbrook scrubs Lakers off his IG, another animal rights activist storms the court, Richard Jefferson thief sentence and Shaq owns up to being a bad husband.

BDS 437: Bad Bitches Vs Bozos

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, Dwayne Haskin’s death, Ben Simmons suing, Embiid on MVP voting, 25k burger for Braves, Kareem apologies to Lebron, Khloe Kardashian admits Tristan ain’t it, Kayla Nicole on shooting her shot, GA player arrested for prank, Cam Newton vs Brittany Renner round 3, Westbrook blames coaching, Saudi golf league signs golfers, Baker Mayfield, Nick Saban on NIL, Rooney Rule, Von Miller baby mama drama, Jared Goff’s girlfriend poses for SI, XFL sued over logo, glue protestor, Riley Reid front row at the Lakers game and Miles Bridges apologizes.

BDS 436: Brought To You By Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, The Commanders losing sponsors, David Ortiz was targeted by drug kingpin, Atlanta farewell to Matt Ryan, Deshaun Watson, fan heckles Westbrook, Richaun Holmes accused of domestic violence, NYC allows unvaxxed athletes to play, John Stockton claims he has a list now, Bryant estate working with Nike again, Lebron date with wife, Penny Hardaway investigated by NCAA, NFL new OT rules, OJ Simpson discusses the slap, NFL adjust Rooney Rule, Antonio Brown’s baby mama wants to write a tell-all, Commanders investigated for financial reasons, NBA games back on Chinese TV, Arians retires, Kap still doing throwing exhibitions, Cydney Christine, Hope Solo arrested, Youtuber arrested pretending to be scout, two more coaches joining Brian Flores, Deshaun Watson deposition, Jaxson Hayes, NFL Plus, Ayesha Curry celebrates bday and Big Baby Davis may have broken the law.

BDS 435: Second Cheeks The Charm

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss Brittney Griner arrested in Russia, Calvin Ridley gambling suspension, Baker Mayfield drama, Annie Agar old tweets, Russell Westbrook vs Skip Bayless, Robert Griffin’s book canceled, Jay-Z fought for halftime show, Kyrie makes stepmom his agent, Aaron Rodgers still with Shailene, 49ers fan comes out of 5 week coma, Jerry Jones might have a new daughter, Naomi Osaka brought to tears by heckler, Maralee wants more child support, Dwight Howard’s kid got issues, PJ Washington’s new boo is messy, Mike Bites, soccer player kicks cat, Daniil Medvedev may have to denounce Putin, Matt Ryan’s sister gets spicy on the bird, Steve Smith calls out Mayfield, Ken Griffey Jr still getting paid, Pete Alonso, KD tells fan to STFU, Paul Pierce’s raunchy IG post and Nets fined 50K for letting Kyrie in locker room.

BDS 434: Cam Newton Vs Brittany Renner Part 2

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss listener feedback, Phil Mickelson, Juwan Howard slapped someone, Cam Newton vs Brittany Renner, Ayesha and Steph on vacay, Flores declined NDA, Knicks sitting Kemba, Harrison Barnes not cool with Draymond, ref loses NBA job for being against vaccine, AB caught in another lie, Gerald Green’s wife walks back allegations, Zion Williamson, Mahomes’ bachelor party, Marcus Stroman, Brett Netzer cut, WNBA charter flight scandal, Gary Payton says Shaq was hazing rookies, the NYT messes up Serena’s pic in article, Abromovich to sell Chelsea, Jeanie Buss thirsty tweets, Texas A&M WR arrested for DV, Tyreek Hill vacays with IG model months after being engaged to another woman, Budda Baker says don’t run up on his house, NFL ending protocols for Covid, Novak allowed to play in French Open and Russell Westbrook.

BDS 433: We Walking Down Up Escalators

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, The Super Bowl, Simmons / Harden trade, 49ers roasted by McDonald’s employee, Lamar Odom shit in the bed, Alvin Kamara arrested in Vegas, bad conditions in Olympic quarantine, Brian Flores on Lovie Smith hiring, Antonio Brown running Donda sports, Bauer won’t be charged criminally, Jonathan Allen apologizes for wanting dinner with Hitler, Cam Newton on Brittany Renner, Tristan Thompson child support, Larsa Pippen on Scottie punishing her, Sydney Carter needs our support, Sha’Carri upset about Russian figure skater competing, Ciara and Russ leave party, Simone Biles engaged, Tristan hasn’t seen his son yet, Cowboys sexual harassment settlement revealed, Aaron Rodgers and Shailene call it quits, Adrian Peterson charges dropped in DV case, F1 news, Lebron runs from groupies and The Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.

BDS 432: Dan Snyder Goes Commando

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Brian Flores suing the NFL, The Washington Commanders, fan kicked out for calling Melo boy, Huskers mascot has to change gesture, Kwame Brown transphobia, Skip Bayless has no personal life, Damon Arnette charged, OL beef, Sharife Cooper cropped out, Spiranac trashes Mahomes family, Jhene Aiko will sing at Super Bowl, Kaepernick heckled, Dan Snyder has new sexual abuse allegation, Kobe and Gianna statue, Jerry West fell out with LA, NBA All-Star news, Michael Phelps accused of hypocrisy on trans-athletes and “Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin’.”

BDS 431: Mama Can Watch From Home

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NFL Play-Offs, Irvin making fun of CTE, UConn gotta pay Ollie, Dwayne Haskins’ wife has charges dropped, Mark Cuban pharmacy, NFL halting Covid testing, John Stockton banned from Zags games, Penny Hardaway snaps on reporter, Eli Apple going off on Twitter, Jaxson Hayes charged, Brittany Matthews, Cooper Kupp’s wife supported him financially, OBJ lost money getting paid in Bitcoin, Payton steps down from Saints, P.K. Subban demands change in hockey, Ben Simmons asking price lowering, Tristan Thompson spotted with new woman, former Olympian dies of Covid, Shailene Woodley agrees to disagree with Aaron Rodgers, Italian ref is victim of revenge porn, white dudes getting coaching gigs, Draymond Green will analyze NBA games while still playing and a couple charged with felony after using fake vax card.

BDS 430: Show Me Something

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Cowboys loss, Bills played perfect game, Antonio Brown, Portland mascot dick pic, Russell Westbrook diss, Djokovic update, ref crew banned from post season, Lerentee McCray arrested, Malik McDowell arrested, Naomi Osaka got 32,000 abusive tweets, No Chill Gil, Arians fined for smacking player’s helmet, U of M abuse settlement, Shannon Sharpe on Tom Brady, Chinese B-Ball fans racism, Scottie Pippen has to pay child support, NBC not sending announcer to Beijing, Trevon Diggs takes his watch back from ex-gf, unvaxxed soccer players may miss UCL, Brittany Renner goes in on podcasters, Cowboys meme fan calls radio, Willie Gay arrested for breaking vacuum cleaner, Antonio Brown says it’s not a mental health issue, Wisconsin fan racist gesture, Kyrie fined for cursing at fan, Robot umpires in AAA baseball, NCAA adopts new policy for transgender athletes and “Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin’!”

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