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TNO 143: Bring All That Felicity Smoak

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Three Amigos, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, AMC launching streaming service, Kevin Feige gets a promotion, people worried about Chinese snooping tech, Jesse Eisenberg wants to be Lex Luthor again, Naomi Harris cast in Venom sequel, John Cho hurt on the set of Cowboy Bebop, Cardi B and Keanu may join Fast 9, HBO Max news, Cloak and Dagger canceled, Obi-Wan series has been planned for 4 years,  Netflix and Spotify emergency broadcasts, Google hires former DHS staffer, Superman spin-off at CW, Playstation Vue for sale, Fortnite suing beta tester, protestors wearing Joker masks, D&D not doing Star Wars, Watchmen has racists pissed, Blizzard loses sponsor, Netflix experimenting with variable playback speeds, NBA Live canceled, ACLU sues government over facial recognition, Ant-Man 3, Blizzard apology, Dark Fate box office and Felicity coming back for Arrow finale.

SMR 264: Harriet

Rod does another solo review. This time for the Harriet Tubman biopic, “Harriet.” I also discussed some trailers to start the review.

SMR 263: Terminator: Dark Fate

Rod and Karen review the latest sequel to the Terminator franchise, “Terminator: Dark Fate.” We also discuss the line on Thursdays at AMC, trailers and your feedback.

BDS 325: Shit Is Beyond Overrated

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Astro’s fire GM, MLB fires MAGA ref, NCAA to allow athletes to be paid, Michael Strahan child support battle, Dennis Rodman slap allegation, pray for Mahomes’ ankle, Nick Young turned down Riri, Shaq charity, Dion Waiters suspended, Malik Beasley fights over IG model, Kyle Kuzma, Zion has surgery, Skylar Diggins-Smith played while pregnant, NBA zero tolerance for abusive fans, Lamar Odom talks about leaving Taraji, Fletcher Cox with the shottee, BBB news, Ujiri won’t be charged, Gordon cut from Pats, Jazz will host 2023 All-Star game, Tacko Fall hit his head on the ceiling, Golden Tate threatens Jalen Ramsey for dumping his sister, Kahwi wants to trademark shit, Deadspin has to stick to sports, Con Artist got 51 months, World Series lowest ratings ever, Kyrie’s mood swings, Antonio Cromartie says he was cut for kneeling, Jim Farmer is accused of sex trafficking, J-Lo wants to unite us all, Matt Barnes interview and Russ and Cici Halloween.

PG 213: Fear Of Being The Angry Black Man

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Van Lantham, fear of being the angry black man, Conflict is Not Abuse, Trevor Noah, The Obama’s, safe spaces, going to Hornets games, feedback and pregame news.

#Walking TWD: Season 9: 16 The Storm

Rod and Karen discuss  The Walking Dead.

#Walking TWD: Season 9: 15 The Calm Before

Rod and Karen discuss  The Walking Dead.

#Walking TWD: Season 9: 14 Scars

Rod and Karen discuss  The Walking Dead.

#Walking TWD: Season 9: 13 Chokepoint

Rod and Karen discuss  The Walking Dead.

#Walking TWD: Season 9: 12 Guardians

Rod and Karen discuss  The Walking Dead.

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