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TTM 88: Everything Going To Be, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. thatTish

    Writing in before I forget again.
    I love how you and Bassey had your own Issa and Molly love explosion at the end of the finale recap. That was beautimous!

    After I watched the documentary I realized that I didn’t hear anybody talk about Larry Wilmore’s input in the show. The fuck did that nigga do? Was he walking by the room when Issa said “I wanna make a TV show” and he popped his head in and said “you should do that” and now he gets a “Created By” credit on every episode? I mean, goals, honestly, but damn. I didn’t hear not one “and Larry suggested that she start driving for Lyft” or nuthin.

  2. rodimusprime

    Just writing in real quick to share a few thoughts on the run of Insecure. Overall I really enjoyed the show. In the beginning I was fully tapped into everything surrounding the show (e.g. social media, podcasts, etc.), but that ended after the first season when I realized most of the people talking about the show are fuckin crazy. So, for most of the ride I just watched it, did some light live tweeting along the way, and minded my business. You guys, and one woman on Youtube are the only people whose thoughts on the show I paid any attention to after that first season. So shouts to y’all for being able to watch and discuss the show called Insecure that was actually presented on our TV’s instead of the show that exists in your minds that presents YOUR insecurities.

    L Brothers

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassi,

    I really loved Insecure and plan to watch it again in a few years when I’m in my 30s. I’m just like what are we all gonna watch now?

    I haven’t watched Atlanta, but I planned to catch up so I can hear y’all recap season 3. I know Issa is working on a new show called Rap Sh*t, would yall consider recapping that whenever it comes out?


  4. THillNVegas

    Hello all,

    I enjoy your shows and I’m thankful for all of the work that you guys do there. I do have one question. I keep hearing that Nathan didn’t want the smoke with Lawrence. But, didn’t we meet Nathan hemming up some rather large disrespectful negro in the back of Issa’s Uber or am I just crazy and making things up? If that didn’t happen, let’s pretend my over-active imagination is working overtime and this little note never happened. Thanks again for all the quality work you put out.

    T Hill

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey y’all

    I don’t have much to add or comment on —-> you two are the G.O.A.T and ATL here we come ❤️‍ Bassey ‼️ My girl you a Leo ♌️ (So am I) and yes I had forgotten you were a Libra Rod. I’m not that deep into Astrology but I have to admit over the years and at my big age the Leo & Libra combo (in friendship or Love) especially October Libras go together like a fine single braid, shout out to Condolences ✌️character not appearing in the last episode as she shouldn’t. Anyways, maybe I’ll join you Bassey with re-watching Insecure from the top since y’all gonna do another review for the entire series.

    – I feel like I always write in late you guys are great thank you for everything and for being yourself. Also (almost forgot) Bassey I watched that Christmas movie you suggested a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it even tho it was B or C acting ‍♀️ I have a movie for you “Boxing Day” on prime the acting was slightly better with a British flair I think you will like it.

    – Danielle Dee

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